5 Things to Expect from The 56th Grammy Awards

Music’s biggest night is here. It’s the 56th Grammy Awards and there were really no surprises in the nominee announcement. Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Drake, Lorde and many many more are eagerly waiting to accept their Grammy tonight. To me, the Grammy’s have been a little predictable every year, yet I watch for the fabulous red carpet dresses, and some most than others, there is usually a big surprise in a category; whether the underdog wins or the most predictable artist who should have won does not.

We compiled a list for you to expect these 5 things tonight, just to get you a little prepared:

1. Taylor Swift wins an award
It’s pretty much safe to say that Taylor Swift is one of the biggest acts in the world. Whether you like country, pop, dub step (words taken from her mouth when describing “I Knew You Were Trouble) or a bit of everything, Taylor’s music is all there. She is a very smart woman, who knows exactly what her audience is and her albums always have the public guessing. Yes, she’s a bit predictable… but if that impacted her career at all, she wouldn’t be winning any type of award every year. Whatever she’s doing, it’s working, whether you hate her or love her. She will be performing tonight and most of her fans, including me, are hoping she will perform a song she hasn’t done yet, “All Too Well”. Expect her to give one of her half shocked/half surprised speeches tonight, and maybe thanking one of her exes. Maybe.

2. Beyonce and Jay Z’s “Drunk in Love”
You’re going to hear it on the red carpet a lot: “Are you excited for the Mr & Mrs Carter performance?”. There is no doubt that Beyonce’s visual album has become the biggest surprise of 2013, and with that said, one of her many duets has been confirmed to be performed on the Grammy stage. Will it be as talked about as Beyonce’s SuperBowl performance? Regardless, it’s going to be a performance everyone is going to be up out of their seats and observing the magic that comes with the Carters.

3. Miley Cyrus will do something very…. Miley Cyrus.
Every time Miley Cyrus has attended ANY event so far this year, there is always something she does that is the talk for the next couple of weeks. I think we can all recall a time where we haven’t forgotten Miley at any sort of event. Expect there to be something very Miley-like, and I hope it does happen, because no matter how annoying or overplayed it is, “Wrecking Ball” was one of the biggest Grammy snubs this year.

4. Kanye West’s attendance
This is more of a tip than something to expect, because you have to really be prepared for both. Kanye has picked up two nominations for “Yeezus”, but he has been known to completely skip the big night. Last year, he was nominated for seven awards and picked up four, but Ye was nowhere to be seen. If he does attend, expect his pouty face to be on camera half the night… let’s just hope he brings his adorable daughter Nori with him!

5. The names will win, but the talent will not.
It happens every year, no matter who they are, if the artist’s name is BIG, then they are bound to sweep the Grammy no matter how bad they did or didn’t to this year, or if their contenders had done a way better job than they did. The Grammy’s have a lot to live up for this year, mostly because there are a lot of people who deserve to win but probably won’t because their work is going to be overshadowed. So be prepared to be disappointed and point out that maybe, “they don’t even deserve that Grammy!”.

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