INTERVIEW: Country singer Jordan McIntosh

Photo Courtesy of Naomi Leanage of Faze Magazine

Photo Courtesy of
Naomi Leanage of Faze Magazine

Only at 17 years of age, country singer Jordan McIntosh is slowly winning the hearts of many country girls. Best known for his single Grew up in a country song and his cover of Lil Wayne’s How to love, McIntosh has already played huge country festivals such as Boots and Hearts, and Bluesfest. 

McIntosh performed at the Faze Magazine’s Glow Girl event this past Sunday, and definitely won over many new fans. The Xtra Mile had a chance to interview McIntosh, and ask him questions on music, inspirations, and his dream girl.

You have an amazing voice, I was just wondering is there a reason why you picked those cover songs ?

Well the how to love Lil Wayne cover, its a song I did on YouTube. I kind of countrified it I guess you could say and it was a big hit on YouTube, it’s always a big hit on my live shows so I wanted to do it today. You know the audience is teenage girls right, so I wanted to do One Direction’s Story of my life like They’re gonna love it. I just wanted to do songs everyone knows and would have fun with.

So one of my biggest questions, is there’s so many country singers coming up cause everyone wants to get into it. So what makes you different ?

I think for me is that, I get called a teen heart throb but like i mean really in country music, there isn’t a whole lot of teen heart throb. In pop music, there’s tons of them right? In country music, I was like this is my spot I fill that void. So,  and so far its been working. It was a good choice and plus i’ve always loved country music anyways it was a natural choice to go.

So just another question, who are some of your country inspirations?

Um I mean I grew up listening to some classics Brooks & Dunn, and George Strait the King. Um I take little from everyone , you know like Luke Bryan, he’s got a big stage presence and I kind of study that and watch him and you just learn so much from anyone who has been kind of doing this for their life and its hard to pick a select few who inspired me cause there’s so many. So I mean everyone inspires me a little bit I guess.

You are a teen heart throb, there are millions of girls that scream about you. So what are the things you look for in a girl?

I mean for me, a sense of humor, I mean I can be a very sarcastic person at times so you gotta be able to know its a humor thing, and someone who’s not so obsessed with looks i mean sure they like to get dressed up to go out, but that’s not like the main thing in their life is that there hair is perfect, or make up is perfect. So sense of humor, down to earth i guess you could say. Just a nice girl, someone you can hang out with.

Check out the video interview below

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