CONCERT REVIEW: Miley Cyrus BANGERZ up Toronto


Walking into the venue, it is not hard to notice that not only Miley Cyrus grew up, but so did her fans. Whether they knew her from her hit Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana”, or found out about her through Wiz Khalifa, Cyrus managed to unite a crowd of people who wanted to party with her for the next 90 minutes at the Air Canada Centre.


There was no sign of an empty seat. Fans tied their hair up in the mini pigtails that Cyrus has infamously displayed on red carpets and events we see frequently. Homemade Cyrus themed foam fingers were all over the venue as well. As we graced ourselves upon the ground floor… balloons were everywhere. Yup, this is a Miley Cyrus party alright and she made that loud and clear.

Opening with “SMS (Bangerz)”, the screen lit up with Cyrus’ face as it split into two to roll out the inflatable tongue slide for Cyrus to slide through and onto the stage for her adoring fans. Not missing a single beat, you can notice a bit of the “Best of Both Worlds” influence of costume change and stage set up, as the transitions were clean and smooth from song to song.


Transitioning into her most recent single, “Adore You”, she informed the crowd that this was her favourite part of the show due to the kiss cam she set up during the song. “If the camera is on you, y’all gotta make out!” she screamed to the crowd. Thinking it would be worrisome that no one would participate, there was not a single set of lips that were not locked to another during those minutes of her song. Her fans enjoyed every second of it, and even so, she kept telling the crowd that she was “just getting started”.


Notable performances were “23” (minus Mike Will and Wiz Khalifa), “Drive” with the laser lights going throughout the venue, “Jolene”, and “We Can’t Stop” with countless VMA Performance-referenced dancers. Cyrus came back with an encore of “Wrecking Ball” and her infamous, hopped off the plane at LAX, “Party in the USA”.


The general public may be annoyed by Miley’s doings and acts, but no matter what she does, she is very smart and precise, no matter how obscure her actions may be. If you look closely, everything she does is calculated and has a purpose and that is displayed perfectly throughout her Bangerz show. For those who are sick of her, keep in mind that this is just the beginning, because even after all this skin she shows and her short haired pixie cut, there is still a journey of growing up she is going to go through, which makes Bangerz only the beginning in the world of Miley Cyrus.

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