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Being introduced to music at the age of just 3 years old, Lauren Malyon, aka LYON, wanted to shine and breakthrough her music when she started learning piano and songwriting right after being accustomed to the violin at such a young age. Coming back to Canadian Music Week this year, we had a chance to do a phone interview with LYON and ask her about where she is planning to take her music, festivals, and the future. Check it out below.

How does it feel to be back for Canadian Music Week?
It’s good! I was just on tour across Canada and you get into the routine of it and get in the groove so I was really sad when it was over and I was really missing the stage. It’s going to be very fun to perform at home again.

Have you performed, or even attended as a fan, at any festivals?
Just mainly the ones in Toronto, I haven’t done anything like Coachella but I am hoping to play it eventually. Toronto offers so many shows here and I got to attend Digital Dreams and get to observe for a bit, it was very overwhelming with the people, the energy and the production but I would love to attend some indie music ones as well as perform. I think its important when an artist can create moments on stage that just feel real and genuine to connect with the audience. It’s especially tricky to do it with electronic music sometimes, so I think it’s special when an electronic artist can make that connection.

What got into music?
It happened naturally. I started when I was a kid; playing the violin at 3 years old and my mom was also into music and it was something I just gravitated to. Sports was never really my thing, I was always shy and quiet so music was my outlet. I used to do some classical music as well, even though my genre is classical right now. Finding your sound takes a bit of time, sometimes imitating the music you listen to. I liked the combination of a heavy baseline and a beat, playing around with the instruments helped me find my way there. We’re always changing ourselves and you have to find a place that you’re comfortable with but I think at the end of the day it has to stay genuine in order to believe in it.

Your latest single, “Floating”, we feel has a bit of a Coldplay feel to it. Do you have any influences that you keep in mind while writing your music?
I can see that, probably because I wrote it on a piano and Chris Martin is very melodic. It was based on a personal experience of mine, so that song came together by just capturing the feeling of starting something new but hopefully by not being really cheesy.

With all the acts at CMW, why do you think people should come see you and check out your music?
People will hopefully be able to relate to my music and I am excited for them to get to know me. I’m working on my next album now and it’d be my chapter 2 which is exciting. My performance will be more lively than the EP, which is more stripped down, so it will be more amped up and involved for the night. I will also be trying out a brand new song that no one has heard yet so I’m excited to hear back about it.

Grab a listen of Lyon’s latest single, Floating, below. She will be performing at Adelaide Hall on Thursday, May 8. Buy tickets here.

[Photo credit: Katie Sadie]

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