INTERVIEW: Canadian Music Week presents Crystalyne

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One of Canada’s rising band Crystalyne, formed by Marissa Dattoli, is ready to take over the Canadian Music Industry.  After exploring many different style genres, the band finally found its unique style and Dattoli explains to us her long life dream of becoming a musician and what the future holds for the band. Check out the interview below.

How are you feeling to be back for Canadian Music Week? This is your third year playing?
Yeah it’s our third or second year I believe. Last year was a really scary one for me because I had a sinus infection, and it was brutal. I got it five days before the show and I was nervous about my voice. This year, I’m healthy so I’m really looking forward to this year, and just having a fresh attitude.

How do you feel about all the hard work you put into your band and be able to play in Canada’s biggest music festival?
Honestly, first we been working towards this dream about being musicians for a really long time, all separately of course. I personally wanted to be in a band and be famous. I was ten and I saw the Josie and the Pussycat movie, and I want to be Josie. That’s my life dream. So we been working at it individually for a long time. For us to actually be a part of Canadian music week and celebrate our hometown to be recognized as a band that’s good enough to be showcased and to have a headlining show. We love playing hometown shows and it’s exciting to be around our friends and family , our fans and even the people that are even just walking around venues to check out new bands. It’s an exciting time for sure.

I heard you also started out on much music with a different band? On Disband?
Yeah I was in a band called Good and Broken, and it was me and one other guy. We been working together for four years before we went on Disband. We never put anything out, that was our launch into the Canadian industry. We met a lot of people through there, that in-floated. We stopped getting along creatively we started drifting as friends and it was hard to connect on a musical or regular level. At the end of the day, I said we should just stop and try different things. I started writing by myself, and then I met all the guys in my band now through mutual friends. We started jamming together and we clicked right away .We were really lucky to meet each other that way, and I know we had the same vision so far three years into it so I think we’re doing alright.

People say it’s harder to breakthrough in Canada then America. Do you have any comments towards that?
Canada is hard, it’s very difficult to break into the industry. I feel like a lot of the artists that play on the radio are the same consistent artist . You got Marianas Trench, Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber. These are artists that are huge and Canadian. There is only so much of a percentage of Canadian music that is required to be played on radio stations. The rest can be from wherever, and Canada takes a lot stuff from the states in terms of music like Katy Perry , Lady Gaga, and it’s hard to fit into that collection of artists. Especially when you have heavy weight comedians and they don’t leave a lot of room for new upcoming bands. That’s a huge challenge for us as a band, it’s something we haven’t fully accepted in the radio scene so far. We recently won the Bell Media Radio Star contest, that was kind of our first foot in the door to break radio. We only had our second single play on the radio twice. So it’s kind of hard to keep yourself in the radio pocket but we’re working on it and it’s definitely a goal of ours to break out on it more in the Canadian scene and make a name for ourselves.

Recently, you guys have been signed to Japan record label? How excited are you?
I’m so excited, I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. I’m a not so secret fan of everything anime, I’m so in love with so many things like sailor moon. I been watching it since I was three, I have a costume in my closet. I can’t wait to go over there to tour and emerge in their culture.

Being the only girl in the band, How does that feel?
Amazing, I’ve done the all girl thing before. It’s hard cause it was my three best friends, we were in a group together in grade nine and we use to play shows at places like Supernova. We would just make money for this company by selling tickets. I did that, and I know everyone says this but I just get along better with guys. In high school , I use to eat lunch with all the guys and always just hang out with them and totally be a dude. I feel when I’m around girls I need to look better, but when I’m with guys, I feel more accepting and I don’t care what I’m wearing, like band t -shirts and tights. They don’t ask what are you wearing? I just feel more safe when I’m on tour, its a nice family kind of feeling. I like it a lot.

What’s your reaction when people compare you to Paramore?
Hayley Williams is a huge idol to me. Growing up I listen to Paramore a lot, I was very inspired by their writing style. But mostly just the fact that Hayley was a female in the genre I listened to and that was really rare back in the days. I still listen to Taking Back Sunday and they’re like my bible bands. The bands I fell I love with and worship and grew up too. I grouped Paramore in that scene genre, and bands like VersaEmerge and Hey Monday that came later weren’t necessarily around. That definitely inspired me to pursue that kind of genre but I don’t want to limit ourselves to try sound like Paramore on every record. We write how we feel, and the way that feels natural. People kept comparing my vocals to Hayley and I could never sound as good as her. It’s obviously a huge compliment, but at the same time I don’t necessary want to be another copy cat Paramore. I want to have our own identity.

I just want to congratulate you on everything, I feel like I’m talking to a friend.
Well you are a friend, every time we meet new people, I don’t like referring people as our “fans” that we meet at shows. I hate that word, it makes me really sick. No they’re our friends, they like our music that’s cool, but we’re all friends at the end of the day.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me, Is there anything you want to throw in there?
Honestly i’m really excited about the fact I’m wearing a tutu on tour and i haven’t really done it. I really hope you guys can make the show.

You can check out Crystalyne performing at the Adelaide Music Hall on Wednesday, May 7th. Tickets can be purchased Here. Check out their latest single for “Punks Don’t Dance,” below.

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