SPOTTED : The Cast of “Final Exam”

Toronto has been graced with yet another all-star cast for CP Lifetime productionsFinal Exam” TV movie. “Final Exam” centers on college student Megan Harris played by Shenae Grimes-Beech (90210) , who can’t stop dreaming about a tragic death of an innocent girl. It involves a night with her soroity sisters at a party, but every morning she wakes up, she finds she is suffering from a brain injury. Her quest is to find out if this dream really happened with the help of her doctor played by Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars).

Without any time to spare, we just caught Allen on set about to grab dinner with Brett Dier (Ravenswood) before flying back to LA. Allen was all smiles and even told us he had a chance to check out the Aquarium , and the CN Tower while in Toronto for a short period of time.

L: Allen and Reem R: Michelle and Allen

L: Keegan and Reem R: Michelle and Keegan

Grimes-Beech was also very gracious and had many questions for us. Originally from Toronto, Grimes-Beech asked what part of Toronto we were from and was super shocked when we showed her old photos from previous encounters.


Shenae and Michelle

Dier , being a total sweetheart, stepped out of his trailer when he heard their were fans eagerly waiting. He apologized for the blood mark on his forehead , but was all smiles in our snap!

L: Brett and Reem R: Brett and Michelle

L: Brett and Reem R: Brett and Michelle

Of course we didn’t forget about our readers! We grabbed a few autographs from Allen himself.
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