Iggy Azalea brings her Classic tour to Danforth Music Hall


The New Classic” did a stop at Danforth Music Hall last week after Iggy Azalea dropped her EP of the same name. Azalea found a strategic way to mash up women empowerment and rap in a way that not many female rap artists have succeeded to do. Only being out a week, her fans memorized every single line from her album and lined up in the pouring rain all day just to get up close and personal to her for a mere 90 minutes. Despite the ongoing headlines about the assault Azalea had experienced in the past during her shows, it definitely did not take the essence of her performance on stage and kept her fans wanting more. Azalea moved to Miami at 16 all on her own, looking for that gap in the market for her music. Her chance to shine did take a couple of years, but it was well worth it.


Opening with “Fuck Love“, the crowd sang along to the empowerment that was beaming out of her EP. “Fuck love, give me diamonds, I’m already in love with myself” was a line that gave the listeners an idea that you really do not need anyone to make you feel more important, when the only person who can love you more than anyone is yourself. Azalea had a well planned stage set up that is usually not seen in smaller venues. “Hotel Iggy” and “The New Classic” were up there in lights, while poles for the dancers were also brought out during her song “Pu$y“, displaying a theme of a classical summer with a feel of the 80s. She continued the show with her hits “Murda Bizness” featuring her mentor T.I., “Work”, and her latest single, “Fancy”.


After the show, we had a chance to see Iggy (thanks to Monster Outbreak) who held a meet and greet for her fans. Expressing how much we were excited for her new album, she excitedly said “I know, right? Finally! I don’t think anyone truly understands how long I have been waiting for this to come out”. Us too, Iggy, us too.

After all the hugs and photos taken, we also managed to grab a SIGNED copy of her new EP, “The New Classic“, that we want to give to you #Azaleans! All you have to do is go on Facebook, like us and comment on this post telling us why YOU should win it. The dead line is May 30th, 2014. Good luck!

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