#CanadianMusicWeek Celebrity Interview Panel with DeadMau5

Jian Ghomeshi and Joel Zimmerman

Jian Ghomeshi and Joel Zimmerman

As part of Canadian Music Week, media and delegates are invited to listen in on a keynote interview with some of the biggest names in Canadian music industry today.

Joel Zimmerman, best known for his stage name DeadMau5 doesn’t want to be classified as a DJ. Zimmerman, a house electronic dance music producer from Toronto sits down with CBC’s Q, Jian Ghomeshi, to discuss the power of social media and technology, and his future perspective of EDM. Zimmerman has been nominated for five Grammy Awards and is a three time Juno Awards winner.

Zimmerman begins by telling Ghomeshi, “A lot of ideas I do get come from staying connected to the world and technology as it comes in. I make connections with that product to see how I can better my music, and creating something.” He elaborates that communication is the key to his success. “What I look for transparency and communications. It’s the biggest thing between me and the people I work with. Past relationships have bombed out because there’s no communication.”

Zimmerman has made a huge mark on the EDM generation and he plans to go on a worldwide tour where it will give a chance for fans can really connect with his music. You can check out one of his most popular single, “Raise your weapon” below.


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