INTERVIEW: DeadMau5 talks tour plans and charity awareness

IMG_1574Joel Zimmerman, best known for his stage name Deadmau5 made a first time appearance with his famous mouse mask, at the Baeumler Family Foundation Gala held at the Ritz Carlton hotel last night. We had a chance to listen on his keynote interview during the Canadian Music Week, but this time we had the chance to talk to Zimmerman about his upcoming tour, and what he hopes to accomplish at this charity. Read our interview below!

What are you hoping to contribute to this foundation?
Bad ass Karaoke.

One of the main key things you always like to say is, communication is key. Correct?
Well, depends on the context.

How about something in regards to an event like this?
Well communication in that sense, it’s promoting the event , promoting the cause, and trying to keep that upfront. I have a silent auction , that’s points for me, if I hopefully win it. Key is awareness in this case. There’s pictures of me in a suit, which is an unreal thing. That’s going to stand out and if you attach and put the cause up in front of it, as I’ll be doing throughout the night as I’ll be drawing attention to that.

I know you’re starting a tour soon, is there anything else we can expect?
Well If I don’t die on the gumball in the next couple weeks. Yeah we’re working on a tour, we’re going to roll that out. Late 2014, new 2015 coming up, just taking it easy. Just releasing an album, so I got that two month vacation playing Diablo. That’s about it.


Joel Zimmerman with his famous DeadMau5 mask


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