Ritz Carlton hosts Baeumler Family Foundation’s 2nd Annual Celebrity Gala


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The Baeumler Family Foundation for Kids was first launched in September 2012 by Sarah and Bryan Baeumler. It all started out with a dream to build a better foundation funding towards children’s mental and physical health across Canada. That dream grew into something bigger with the help of sponsors and donations from individuals and corporations. The Baeumler Family Foundation for Kids is all about giving back to the community and providing children and families the safe and positive environment around their homes.

Last night, the Ritz Carlton hotel hosted their 2nd annual Baeumler Family Foundation’s Celebrity Gala.  It was a chance for celebrities and high profile Canadians to participate in a silent auction and a night of karaoke. All the funds raised will be donated to support children and family advocacy. During the red carpet arrivals, we had the chance to talk to some of the celebrities supporting this amazing event. You can read our interview with DeadMau5 here.


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We also chatted with associate designer on hit show Sarah’s House, Tommy Smythe,on what he hopes to accomplish for this event. Smythe has always supported this event, and previously worked with Bryan Baeumler before the event even first launched, “One of the things that was the inspiration for this family foundation that Bryan and Sarah started was a project we did together for a young woman named Stephanie. We re-made her bathroom in her home, so it’s more accessible for her. She was a double amputee and couldn’t get in and out of her bathroom well. She was amazing, she was a sixteen year old girl. She gave us the inspiration Chanel. So we did this incredible black and white marble bathroom that was completely wheelchair accessible and made her life at home so much more bearable when she was facing these kinds of health challenges in her life. Sadly, we lost Stephanie last year, right around the time the Gala happened. So it added a huge layer of importance for me, in terms of the urgency of what they do for these kids.” Smythe also tells us he will always be at this event when he’s in Toronto, and he loves it. “I also love the fact that those in media, we know each other, we love each other, we respect each other , and we always come out for each other when it’s something important like this. So it’s awesome to support my friends.”

Tommy Smythe, Marilyn Denis

Tommy Smythe, Marilyn Denis

Supermodel and actress Monika Schnarre tells us how it feels to be apart of this charity, ” It’s an honor just to be invited. I want to learn more about the foundation, and it looks amazing what they’ve done here tonight.” She tells us what really touched her heart,”I’m really learning about making homes more accessible to children in need, it touches my heart. I’m an ambassador for habitat for humanity. I’m a home renovator myself. I’m an ambassador trying to help support women to build. So anything that helps children and construction, I’m there. It buries my two passions and I just had a baby.” Schnarre also mentions that her favorite song all time is Billie Jean and what she expects at karaoke later in the evening, “I’m excited to see all the celebrities on stage and my husband does not want to hear me sing. If i’m up there, that means I had too much wine. It’s gonna be bad.”


Monika Schnarre

To learn more about the foundation or the event or ways you can give back to the community, the website link can be accessed here.


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