REVIEW: Let’s Be Cops

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Fans of New Girl and The Vampire Diaries unite! Your notable faves have teamed up to be in a hilarious comedy titled “Let’s Be Cops“. The movie is exactly what the title is: Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr (Nick and Coach from “New Girl”) play Ryan and Justin, two best friends who dress up as cops to a not-really-costume-themed party and people mistakenly thinking that they actually are… cops.

The film explores a friendship between the two best friends that viewers of “New Girl” rarely get to see between the characters that Johnson and Wayans play. You really root for them throughout the story, even though what they are doing is extremely illegal. Who can blame them? Women, drugs, and partying… all they wanted to do is find a purpose to their lives, especially after Ryan’s NFL career was over after an injury, and Justin’s video game gig was not going as well when his colleagues fit into the stereotype of what the public “really wants”, which was firefighters fighting zombies (really? more vampire/zombie/werewolf love?). Justin has a crush on Josie (played by Nina Dobrev) and wants to tell her who he really is, but every time he has a chance to, it is interrupted with Justin’s hormones and wanting Josie more than he wants to expose her to the truth. Dobrev’s character is a side of her that we don’t really see of in CW’s hit, “The Vampire Diaries“. She displayed a new side of her that we hope to see grow in the future.

Although it comes out in late summer, “Let’s Be Cops” is one of those movies you want to see with a bunch of friends when you want to have a really good laugh. With franchises such as “The Hangover”, “21 Jump Street” and Seth Rogen/James Franco movies (let’s be real, any movie they are involved with is no doubt a comedic hit), “Let’s Be Cops” opens a door for itself to be a hit that will be talked about for a while.

“Let’s Be Cops” starring Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr, and Nina Dobrev hits theatres August 13th, 2014. Check out the trailer below.

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