ALBUM REVIEW: Lana Del Rey- UltraViolence



She’s certainly come a long way since her first album “Born To Die”, and it’s no surprise that her third studio album “UltraViolence” is the hottest topic of the week. Back in April, the 27-year old singer released the first single of her latest album “West Coast”, and quickly made its way up to the Billboard’s Hot 100. The album is produced by Black Key’s Dan Auerbach, and Del Rey has said that this album is a little more stripped down, but still remains cinematic and dark.

The disc begins with a track called “Cruel World” which she co-wrote with guitarist Blake Stranathan. This track brings back Del Rey’s old music roots, where we get a dark love feel emotion from such lyrics as, “And I love your women and all of your heroin/And I’m so happy now that you’re gone”. Admit it, we all had those times where we let a relationship define how we act. There has always been that one person in your life that makes you do crazy things. Del Rey expresses her emotions and feelings through this powerful track and most of the other tracks on the album.

During memorial Day weekend, Del Rey released a track called “Shades of Cool” which people have been saying it’s the perfect soundtrack for James Bond movie. I can totally see why, the track has a very mellow dark but beautiful feel to it.

Ultraviolence tracklist:
1) Cruel World
2) Ultraviolence
3) Shades of Cool
4) Brooklyn Baby
5) West Coast
6) Sad Girl
7) Pretty When You Cry
8) Money Power Glory
9) Fucked My Way Up to the Top
10) Old Money
11) The Other Woman
12) Black Beauty (bonus track)
13) Guns and Roses (bonus track)
14) Florida Kilos (bonus track)

One of our favorite albums was “Born to Die” and we do have to say UltraViolence” is now officially on our list of our favorite albums! It will be released on June 17, 2014 (Today!) by Universal Records Canada.

(Photo Credit: Universal Canada)

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