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Jeffrey Sutorius, better known for lead man of the group Dash Berlin, was first introduced as a Dutch trance DJ project in 2007 with producers, Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg. They first broke the records with their single “Till the Sky Falls Down” and other major hits such as “Waiting ft. Emma Hewitt.” Within the last seven years, Dash Berlin has become one of the biggest trance¬†music acts in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) History, and have been nominated for numerous awards. Dash Berlin currently holds spot number 10 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJS. We had a chance to sit down and chat with Sutorius about his new record before he hit the stage at Digital Dreams.

Where did the name Dash Berlin come from?
Long time ago, I’m talking 1999, 2000. I went to Love Parade, a festival with DJs. It was such an overwhelming¬†experience for me. I knew in the future I wanted to do something with the parade, so when I started working with my friends I wanted to do something with Berlin. So I started googling cool words to go with Berlin, and I got Dash.. Dash Berlin. Nothing showed up in that search and I thought the name was fresh and catchy. And that’s it.. Dash Berlin.

Do you feel EDM has changed a lot from when you first started?
I mean absolutely. It’s just getting bigger and bigger and better. There’s a lot of new talent from all over the world, which is amazing. Everybody is making their own music, which is awesome. There’s a lot of new talent uprising and helping to bring out the different genres like dubstep ,tribal, which wasn’t known awhile back. So it kind of shows the strength of dance music as a whole. I can see it spreading more and more and becoming the new pop music, and in the future it’ll just keep growing.

What’s the best thing about being Dash Berlin?
I can be myself. I don’t have to pretend, I’m the same guy I was a few years ago. I really like what I do, I’m a very fortunate musician and supported by a lot of people all over the world. Everytime I go on stage, the precense is great. I’m just really happy with what I do.

What can we expect from your set tonight?
Well, with obviously what I do a lot of visuals with my music. Tracks from my new album, it’s called “We are” and it’s coming out in August. I’m going to try out a lot of new stuff from the new album, a couple of mash ups. So it’s something to look forward too and I hope people like it!

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Jeffrey Sutorius (Dash Berlin) and Michelle

[Photo Credits: Samantha Wu from Lithium Magazine]

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