crystalyneWe previously had the privilege to interview Crystalyne back in May during Canadian Music Week. This past weekend, Crystalyne played SCENE Music Festival in St. Catharines and our correspondent Melissa Campo, sat down and chatted with  the front lady of the band Marissa Dattoli, to see what the band has been up too since our last chat. Check out the interview below.

How do you think your set went this year at SCENE fest compared to the past years?
I think this year was great,  compared to last year. I personally liked our cover better last year we did Icona pop’s “I don’t care,” and it was a major crowd explosion… and I find that cover hit home a little bit more, but overall I think our energy was just more energetic than we’ve ever played.

Are you sticking around for the rest of the day? Who are you excited to see?
I am! I’m checking out Cardinals, they’re playing an acoustic set tonight and they’re friends of ours. Mariana’s Trench and LIGHTS obviously. Our good friend Braden plays in SayWeCanFly as well.

People who don’t know your music, how would you describe it? And why should they check you out?
Ok…our sounds, this is going to sound weird but it’s a genuine sound. So I feel when we write songs, we write how we feel and we don’t necessarily try to fit into a genre. So to say its pop rock I guess is a broad enough category. But I like to say genuine because it’s really from the heart what we write about, and the way we structure our melodies and try to connect with our fans. So I think that’s the best word to describe it in my opinion.

How is the new record label in Japan working out?
It’s so great! We keep seeing little tweets from Tower Records which is their CD store over there, with our display and it’s all in Japanese with our picture and it’s just so cool to see all that. It seems unreal.

What was the inspiration behind writing the song Punks Don’t Dance, what was the process?Punks don’t dance was interesting. We were trying to write that really feel good kind of song, and the relationship in the song is not necessarily one that works out in the end. But it’s definitely one that is about an instant connection with someone, and the positive energy that surrounded and built that connection. You know when you meet someone and you’re just like “wow they’re really cool, we get a long really well” and you can see yourself having fun with them. So the song is basically like the lyrics in the chorus talk about “punks don’t dance, but I really think you’ll like me.” So it’s kind of a two way meaning, because I’m a really terrible dancer and I listen to pop punk, but I still think you could give me a chance; I might look silly but I still think the relationship could work. I also used to go out a lot, there was a bar night at Sneaky dee’s in Toronto called My Friends Over You, and there used to be all punk people who go there with tattoos, but they’re so so sweet. So yeah the inspiration is a fun relationship.

Our blog is called The Xtra Mile, how would you say you go the extra mile, as Crystalyne?
We would give hugs to every single person, every time we saw them over and over and over again until they were satisfied.


Download their new album The Remedy, at http://www.crystalynemusic.com/

[Interview by: Melissa Campo]


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