#INTERVIEW SCENE FEST presents Elos Arma

Elos_ArmaWhile at this year’s SCENE Music Festival, our correspondent Stephanie Puccinelli chatted with the guys of Elos Arma. Elos Arma is a four piece band from Toronto featuring Chris on lead vocals & guitar, Mark on the drums, John on the bass and new addition Angelo on guitar. While their style of music is hard define, their music is something that people should definitely check out. 

How do you think your set went?
Chris: Apparently pretty good. When we started no one was there but after our first song a lot of people were there. So that’s cool and some people we knew and some people we didn’t but still it was pretty cool.

Did you see a big difference from last year?
Mark: Scene fest this year is much better than last year
C: It’s much bigger, also better received this year. People seem more stoked about the music.

Are you excited to see anybody? Were you here yesterday?
John: We saw our friends band structures play which was sick
C: We saw the whole stage, Abandon All Ships and Liferuiner
M : I’m really excited for Marianas Trench this afternoon.

What goes into your music, what inspires you to write?    
M: Usually there is a couple of ingredients that go into a big pot and we use a wooden spoon to stir it up and then we turn it all around and mix it up… yeah that’s what happens
C: Yeah I don’t know it just kind of comes, we just kind of start where we start, we start with a beginning and then you end with an ending. This is Angelo, he’s the new addition.

How does Elos Arma go the Xtra mile?
Angelo: We drove a lot of miles to get here… that more than one extra mile, they even took an exit off
C: Yeah we saw some crazy lighting today, that’s the Xtra mile, oh and we almost got shot in a sketchy area and oh and cause of the rain we actually had to put windshield wipers on.
A: I have to drive to Vaughn to play with them and so does he, those are a lot of extra miles.

One last thing, is thing anything you would like to tell our readers?
J: We are going to put out some live videos and there are a lot of things in the works
C: I just want to say… stay stoked

Check out the bands single “San Diego” and read our review on their performance here!

[Review and Interview by: Stephanie Puccinelli]

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