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Making his 2014 comeback, singer, songwriter, and producer Karl Wolf shows fans he is now back stronger than ever. Lebanese born Wolf, came out with his first album Face behind the face back in 2006, and releasing four more albums after that. His singles Africa, Carrera, and Yala Habibi dominated the charts all hitting gold certifications. Wolf then moved onto creating his own record label, Lone Wolf Entertainment, where he manages new artists. We had the chance to sit down with Wolf and talk about his upcoming album at the YTV’s Summer Beach Bash.

1. You actually have a new album coming out August 19th. What makes it different than your previous albums?
This time around, I try to keep it more organic sounding, so I brought in more musicians, live musicians into it. I produced most of it, I worked this time with one of my very good friends, co-writers Show Stephens. and that was kinda fun. We made it more R&B this time, I just feel like we been going through this EDM phase for a while. I said man we gotta bring some real music back, I don’t mean real music, just not electronic ,even though I have one or two EDM records on the album, so that’s kinda whats different. I still have my summer time record which is very Africa and Ghetto love that dance hall which is a summer feel. You can hear one cover on there which is Go your own way. I try to stay away from covers this time, but I couldn’t help it. So I had to put one in, other than that the record had features of Timbaland, i worked with Fat Man Scoop, Classified, it’s going be an awesome album and I can’t wait.

2. EDM is becoming such a huge thing in the music industry right now. Are you trying to stay away from that?
I think so, I’m a musician I play the drums, piano, guitar . I try to put as much of me playing in there as much as possible. I produce all the records, I mix and master them. I kind of take care of everything, and I’m just trying to do my own sound first of all. Second of all, it’s cool to have variations. People want variety, so why not give them variety. My own sound and my own style.

3. What’s one trait you take from other artists, what makes you stop and say “wow I wonder who’s performing?
I think it’s really important for an artist to interact with the fans and really connect. But there’s nothing like a great voice. When you’re really talented and you can really hear the notes right on key. You don’t want to hear the CD, you want to hear them sing live. but you want to be impressed at least from an artist stand point.

4. How do you go the Xtra mile?
I’m all about the Xtra mile. I give 200 percent to everything I do , from my music videos I direct, to the music I produce on my album . Sometimes my manager says calm down, people don’t expect you to fly. But all my stage shows, and everything, it’s all high energy. I just want to inspire people and bring that energy back.

5. Whats the best part about being Karl Wolf?
The females.. no but the ability to inspire people around the world. I’m Lebanese,I was born in Beirut, Lebanon, grew up in Dubai. I came to Montreal to study university  and now I live in Toronto. so I\m a man of many places and its good that I touch people from all different parts of the world and they connect with me and that to me is the best part.

6. You are the last performer of the day, anything we can expect?
Usually I perform with my team and my band, this time around for YTV lets get some cool hot girl dancers. But I’m gonna perform the singles which is Summertime and Lets Get Rowdy and that’s when I’m going to bring the dancers on and we’re gonna shut down the show at the end after Nick does all the introductions and we’re just gonna tear it up. It’s gonna be fun.


Michelle and Karl Wolf

Check out Wolf’s single Summertime/Let’s Get Rowdy ft. Fat Man Scoop


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