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Abbotsford, British Columbia born singer, and dancer Victoria Duffield proves to Canada why she will be the next big breakthrough artist in the Canadian industry. From the top 6 of YTV’s the next star season 3, Duffield continues to impress fans with her amazing dance moves, and catchy songs. We had the chance to sit down with Duffield at YTV’s Summer Beach Bash to chat about her future and what to expect from her performance.

1. What are you most excited for today?
I’m so excited to be a part of the first YTV summer beach bash, their first time doing the show and it was great to be asked to be a part of it. YTV fans are always awesome, I’ve had amazing continued support from YTV and from my YTV fans. So to be here in the beautiful sunshine and awesome crowd out there today, I couldn’t ask for a better day for this.

2. You came from the Next Star, and preformed at some of the biggest Canadian events, you were recently at the MMVAs. Do you find it harder being Canadian to break out in the music industry?
I mean I think there’s different ways to break out into the industry and depending on what country you’re born in, that’s usually where you start your career. I’m proud to be Canadian, i’m proud to be here and start my career here and I’ve had awesome support from Canada and all across the country. I just off a tour with the Backstreet Boys and just getting to go across the country seeing awesome support from fans as an artist is such an awesome feeling to see that and continue and to grow. I’m really excited about my second album, and getting to launch my second single from my second album and we’ll see how things go. From there hopefully step out more internationally from this album as well.

3. Speaking of Canadian artists, are you a fan of the Maple Leafs? Any artists like Justin Bieber?
Yeah! It’s great hearing who’s Canadian, speaking of Canadian celebrities, I saw Rachel McAdams in Toronto yesterday while driving and I fan-girled in my car and i was freaking out! There’s just so much talent in Canada so it’s great to be involved in that industry.

4. A lot of people compare you to a younger Britney Spears. How do you feel about that?
I’m not trying to do that, I’m trying to do my own thing. She was a huge idol of mine growing up and i defiantly looked up to her and her star quality and I take it as a compliment. I think it’s awesome, I think she’s an undeniable star with amazing talent and to be compared to someone like that is pretty cool in my eyes.

5. What traits do you find in an artist? Is it the music, stage preciseness, fan interaction?
I mean obviously, first and foremost the songs and the catchiness of it. I’m really drawn into pop music so that’ll definitely draw me in. If I’m going to stop and watch, for me it’s the stage presence, having that dance element is huge. I’m not just standing there and really engaging the crowd in all aspects. If they’re really able to bring the crowd in either with dancing, or just with their energy they bring. That’ll pull me in.

6. How would you say you go the Xtra mile?
I consider myself a pretty hard worker. I’m really focused and driven, and I’ve always been like that. I’ve had such a dream to be a performer and an entertainer. I put a lot of work into it, I’m the one pushing myself, it’s not the people around me going “C’mon Victoria, you should probably practice a little more. Victoria you need your sleep” I think I go the Xtra mile in my perseverance and in my motivation to keep excelling and keep improving my craft.

7. What can fans expect in the future and What can we expect from your performance later on?
I have a new single paper planes coming out. Video coming out soon, in a couple weeks. I’m very excited about that. and for my show today, its a whole new show. I have four dancers, three¬†awesome band members. We put a show together just for the YTV summer beach bash. It’s gonna be high energy and lots of fun and lots of crowd interaction.

8. Any other last words?
Just thank you so much and look forward to doing lots more shows and releasing more music to come.

Michelle and Victoria Duffield

Michelle and Victoria Duffield

Check out Duffield’s latest single “More than Friends”


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