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From L to R: Adam Scott, Kieran Ackerman, Ben Robinson and Adam Ackerman

Watch out Backstreet Boys, we got a new boy band in town.  California born boy band 4Count is currently winning over hundreds of teenage girls hearts with their catchy tunes and amazing dance moves. Signed by rapper, actor and record producer Nick Cannon, 4Count consist of members Aaron Scott 26, Ben Robinson 24, and brothers Kieran Ackerman 19, and Adam Ackerman 21. The group released their first single with NCredible Entertainment for “Epic” back in March, and currently released their new single for “California”. The band recently performed for YTV Summer Beach bash two weeks ago, and performed for Faze Magazine on Aug 29 at the Opera House. We had the chance to sit with the boys at Desmond & Beatrice Bakeshop to discuss their future plans and their upcoming reality show which will debut in the fall. Check out the interview below!

1. You guys are from California.  A lot of artists come from here and move to California, but you guys came from there and moved here? What’s the story on that?

Aaron: You know we found out within two weeks notice that we were packing up all our bags, putting our whole lives into a couple suitcases and moving to Canada. To Vaughn Mills, Canada and we stayed at Aloft Hotel and they’ve been like a family to us. They’ve been really nice to us and you know we had a whole winter playing football in the snow and having to learn new sports. It’s been a blast, all the people here have been amazing and our single “Epic” came out first and now California, we’re getting a great response .

Adam: To add onto that,  you know a lot of previous boy bands in the past they all started abroad. Nsync, Backstreet Boys,  they all started abroad. You know Nick Cannon and the rest of our management team, they kind of had this idea of just taking us abroad and they thought Canada was the perfect fit and so we’re here.

2. What do you miss most about California? Other than the great weather of course.

Kieran: The great weather of course, but we miss our family of course that’s obviously the number one thing for all us. We just miss being around them all the time, waking up and seeing their faces but its a big change and they know what we’re out here to do, to accomplish our dreams.

Aaron: Also we miss our dogs.

Adam: I miss the beach, I miss going to the beach in the sand and actually on an ocean. I mean I know you guys have beaches, they’re cool still but it’s not an Ocean.

3.So any other hot spots you checked out in Canada?

Aaron: Yeah, we loved Niagara Falls . It was beautiful.

Kieran: I got a chance to go to Canada’s Wonderland and that was a lot of fun.

Aaron: The CN tower, we did the Edgewalk. That was a blast.

Ben: We did the Ripley’s Aquarium .

Adam: We went to an Argos game, the Toronto Argonauts. That was a lot of fun.

Kieran: They lost, but it was alright.

4. You guys gone to a jays game yet?

Ben: Yeah, and we also shot our music video for California in Hamilton, so we spent some time in Hamilton.

5. Speaking of that, you’re currently filming a reality show. What’s going to make it stand out from the other reality shows we see on TV? What’s going to make it special?

Kieran:  Ours is not gonna be really much reality and drama. It’s gonna be just really about us and us exploring Canada. Like some California boys literally getting thrown into the great Canadian .

Adam: We played with the Argonauts, we got tackled by the Argonauts and stuff.

Kieran: We went to a farm the other day , we were milking cows and cleaning up poop.

Ben: We went camping together, pretty much just an adventure every episode and we finish up the episode with an awesome cool performance with a different song off our album , so it’s going to be a cool visual you know for viewers to understand our album.

6.You guys are also amazing dancers, what are some of your favorite moves to bust out at a club?

Kieran: I like to bust out the Carlton every now and just to throw everyone off and just bust the Carlton.

Adam: I like to throw out the Cabbage patch, cool little Cabbage patch never hurt anyone.

Aaron: We like to do some old school stuff.

Ben: We like to really get the party going when we go out so we’ll start a little dance circle. We’ll all just go in and have fun and get people involved.

Aaron: You know star passing off the wave.

7. Our blog is called the Xtra Mile, how do you guys go the Xtra Mile in terms of your music and performance to stand out.

Kieran: Just staying humble and motivated it’s just the extra mile for us. It’s taken us so far and we’ve accomplished so much already and we just can’t wait to see what it’s going to do for us.

Ben: We’ve  been together for 3 years and we’ve always lived with each other and we’re always just focused on what we started to do from the start and that’s to achieve our dreams and Nick’s been a big influence on us, a big help and inspiration and you know that’s our extra mile . Just to focus on the prize and remeber why we’re doing it. For us and family and keep pushing.

8.When you see an artist on stage, what’s most important to you? Stage presence, music or fan interaction?

Kieran: The overall, just everything overall. All those three combined , it’s always good to give a proper performance like the world’s kinda lacking out.

Adam: There’s no feeling like getting on stage and performing for screaming fans . There’s really no better feeling, and in my opinion that’s really the best part of being in a boy band.

9.What else can we expect from your performance tonight?

Adam: A lot of energy, a lot of fun . We’re going to be performing our single “Epic,” and our newest single “California.”

Kieran: And a surprise song

Adam: Yeah and it’s going to be a lot of fun and energy.

Ben: And a piece of information that’s going to be exciting.

Aaron: Huge news, biggest news we’ve given out so far.

Adam: Yeah so make sure you guys stay tuned.

10. Any last words for your fans?

Aaron: Just follow your dreams, and you never know what could happen. That’s it.

Ben:  An example of that, our first single was “Epic” and it’s a movement and motivation , inspiration, and we just want to keep going and don’t stop.  That’s how our story is.

Aaron: And also, we can’t wait to meet all the fans, one by one, and get to know their story too. We’re excited for this whole movement happening in Canada.

**UPDATE : The boys announced during their performance that their first album will be released in Canada on October 7th!!


Check out their newest single for “California”

and also their first single “Epic”

Follow the boys on twitter here! @official4count

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