Giorgio Armani’s Frames of Life


Jeanne Beker

Throughout the film festival this year, we got to see a ton of amazing films that made headlines across the world. Giorgio Armani had a little festival of its own, titled Films of City Frames. One film that everyone is able to view in the comfort of their own home is titled “The Encounter”. “Where can I view it?” you ask? On Giorgio Armani’s website right here. The short film stars models Katia Kokoreva and Tony Thornburg in a tale of gazes and stares.

Giorgio Armani is out with a new hot pair of sunglasses that are sold throughout the country, notably in Sunglasses Hut stores. Eyewear is important to the Italian designer, stating that it is the first notable feature one would recognize on a person.

We had a chance to attend the event and bask into the elegance of Armani. “Frames of Life” was held in Toronto’s biggest landmark, the top of the CN Tower. We spotted stars like Denzel Washington and Chloe Grace Moretz take the black carpet, avoiding press. Canadian fashionista Jeanne Beker was also in attendance giving us her praise to Armani. “Why wouldn’t I come to an event like this? It’s luxurious.”

The frames are out in stores now.

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