#INTERVIEW The Trews talks Album and Tour

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From L to R: Colin MacDonald (Lead Vocals), Jack Syperek (Bass), John-Angus MacDonald (Lead Guitar), and Sean Dalton (Drums)

After winning a radio contest put on by HTZ-FM, a St. Catherines rock station in 2002, a band from Antigonish, Nova Scotia rose to fame. Now based in Toronto, Colin MacDonald, John-Angus MacDonald, Jack Syperek and Sean Dalton continue to make their mark on the Canadian music industry. This band is The Trews, with well known songs like Not Ready to Go, So She’s Leaving, Highway of Heroes and Rise in The Wake, it is easy to see how far they have come.
They are now currently wrapping up their Canadian wide “Rise In The Wake” Tour, having played the Famous Massey hall on December 11th; they are now headed to Sudbury and then Halifax on December 31st for the final show of the tour.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Colin MacDonald about their newest album (The Trews) as well as their current tour.

1. What was your inspiration behind your newest album?
The inspiration was life, change, growing up and perseverance all set to loud guitars, strong melodies and solid grooves.

2. Was there anything different this time around when it came to the songwriting or recording process? If so what was different?
On our previous record, we wrote and recorded the entire album in the studio. This time around we took a different route, writing all of the songs at our jam space over the course of six months. Once we had finished the writing, we were able to knock out the recording in about two and a half weeks in studio thanks to the brilliant Gavin Brown and his team of studio wizards.

3. Why did you guys come up with the idea of doing both electric and acoustic sets this tour?
We always like shaking things up a bit for both ourselves and our audience. In the past we’ve done acoustic tours, so we thought this time around why not combine acoustic and electric. It worked out well, it was a long night of music that didn’t feel long. It was cool showcasing both sides of the band on the same night.

4. How has this tour been going thus far? With only a few shows felt how are you guys feeling?
4) The tour had some ups and downs but overall it was a great success and we played some of the best shows of our career. Our gig at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver and our show at Massey Hall in Toronto (our first time playing the legendary venue) were highlights for me.
It’s very very very nice to be home.

5. What is up next for you guys and what should fans look forward too?
Evolution in every shape and form.

6. How do “The Trews” go the xtra mile?
We work our asses off to do what we do. We don’t have a back up plan, what you see really is what you get.

Check out The Trews video for Rise in The Wake below!

 (Photo Credit: David Bastedo and Interview by Stephanie Puccinelli)

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