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Can I just say this season of The Bachelor has definitely been the best one yet. Not only is Chris Soules the most attractive, down to earth bachelor to ever be on the show, but he kept the season interesting from beginning to end. In shows like this, I typically get bored halfway, but this season also had some of the best contestants to ever be on the show.  Can we give major props to the producers and casting for this?  Each contestant had major personalities, which I thought lacked a bit on previous seasons. Not that there wasn’t any drama, but this season had the perfect amount of drama and reality. Of course, we all know most of these reality shows have the scripted element to it. But it wasn’t just fake reactions; I truly felt that viewers get a real glimpse of each contestant.


Chris Soules

To break it down, let’s start again with charming Chris Soules. He is a true farmer boy at heart, and every decision he has made, I believe has been truly genuine. Remember when Jordan, came back asking for a second chance? One of my favourite Chris scenes, because first he brought her to the cocktail party  which shows that he does believe in second chances and he listened to her side of the story. Then he discussed with the rest of the girls on how they felt about Jordan coming back, and none of them felt that it was fair. Respecting their decision, he had to let her go again. He respects every contestant on the show, and viewers really get a good glimpse of Chris throughout the season. When Jade told Chris about how she did playboy modelling, again he respected that. Also, he respected Ashley I‘s choice of being a virgin.  This small town farm boy has it all. Did I mention how attractive he is?

Now let’s talk about the contestants. To me, these girls stood out the most from the rest.


Mackenzie Deonigi

Mackenzie (eliminated week five). What I loved about her was that she was so young and carefree. She was a bit young for Chris, but she’s a strong girl. Having raised a kid, and I think she just wants to find love. I think she’d be a great person to be friends with, I mean this girl believed in aliens?! Every word that came out of her mouth, I couldn’t help but laugh.


Ashley Iaconetti.

Ashley I (eliminated week 6) . Is she really a virgin? And I think she would have been better on Keeping up with the Kardashians. She loves to cry I thought she was a great addition to the show. All she ever wanted was to wear her Cinderella dress.

Kelsey Poe

Kelsey Poe

Kelsey (eliminated week six). This show would have been nothing without her. I do think she is a great girl, but I literally couldn’t understand half the things she said. Everything she said sounded like it came from a novel. Also, who remembers the 2 on 1 date with Ashley I?? Possibly one of my favorite scenes on reality television ever. These two could not stop bickering at each other.


Ashley Salter

Ashley S. (eliminated week four) . I still wonder, is she actually crazy or was that for show? I mean all the contestants seem to believe she was actually crazy. Though, we didn’t get to see her much, I enjoyed her time there. She definitely was the hook of the first few episodes and lasted a lot longer than I thought she would. I was scared for Chris at some point, especially the campfire scene. Chris and Ashley out alone in the woods? I’m surprised he came back in one piece.


Carly Waddell

Carly (eliminated week seven). Though she had scenes where she was mean, she also says what she wants. She is hilarious, she knew how to make Chris laugh. I didn’t see too much of a love connection , I could see them more being best friends. Carly had so much quirky comments about the contestants which everyone was thinking but no one was saying. I remember the comment she made about Jillian being a man during a group date, I think I literally laughed out loud. She is also a terrific singer, and all that talk about her being insecure, I don’t think she needs to be.


Britt Nilssen

My personal favourite in the whole season is Britt (eliminated week seven). At first, I didn’t really think anything of her except that she doesn’t shower and that she is incredibly beautiful. As the season went on, she started to grow on me. A MAJOR bonus is her outfits. Britt hands down has the best outfits on this show. Just look at the picture above. I can see why people compare her to Kelly Kapowski.  Can I please invade her wardrobe? Brit is the most honest, she cares about the other girls. I know A LOT of people, even Chris said in his recent blog post himself about Britt not being sincere. Here’s my opinion. I do agree she was a bit over the top in some situations, when they went on the adorable Big & Rich show and she was telling Chris how much she loves this. She doesn’t love country music, but I truly believe she was trying to make the most of the situation and ended up having a great time. Even when the girls took a mini roadie to Arlington, and she was telling Chris how she can see a future there. One of the girls mentioned, that she doesn’t believe Britt is lying to Chris, but rather lying to herself. I completely agree with that, and I love the fact that she’s trying to adapt to this situation and trying to make herself believe she can live there. We all witnessed that wasn’t the case in her walk-out scene where she has an emotional breakdown. I don’t think what she did was wrong, she could have definitely said that without the other girls there, but Britt knows what she wants. She’s the only one who spoke out her true feelings, even in one of the earlier episodes where she almost got eliminated, she wasn’t afraid to tell Chris her feelings. Another thing I truly love about Britt, is that we know she’s in a competition and we see that she is heartbroken at the end, but not only because of Chris, but because she felt betrayed by Carly. Though, I must admit, in that scene she looked more upset about Carly back stabbing her then breaking up with Chris. Also, She gives free hugs on the streets in Hollywood.


Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn (eliminated week eight). She is Canadian. Enough said. But also, whenever I think of Kaitlyn, I can’t help but remember the date she went with Chris, grocery shopping. She definitely knew how to make the most of the situation and just watching them together warmed my heart. Can I also say she is the next best dressed on this show? I think half the show I was more excited to see her outfits. Though, last night we saw her heart broken by Chris,she is no doubt the fan favourite.

The Final two.


Whitney Bischoff

Whitney (Final two). I personally think she wins. I didn’t really care for her at all in the beginning, and didn’t even really notice her until Jordan came back . What I thought was really sweet was that she was actually welcoming Jordan back, I mean we know it’s a competition, but like she said, there’s no need to be mean to the girl for no reason. I do think Whitney is in this for the right reason and the best match for Chris. She’s genuinely sweet and she is a total country girl.


Becca Tilley

Becca (Final Two) The other virgin on the show. She is adorable. Again, I didn’t really notice her until a bit later in the season. I love her relationship with Chris, but I think Whitney’s is stronger.If she doesn’t win, I hope she does find love one day.

With only two weeks leading up to The Bachelor finale, I cannot wait for the ‘women tell all’ which airs March 2 on ABC.The women tell all is when all the contestants get back together (Their reunion happened this past weekend Feb 21) and talk about what happens behind the scenes, their thoughts on certain events and more juicy drama!

Also, lots of talks on who will be the next Bachlorette. To recap, rumors have it the front runners are Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn and Becca. Producers will decide based on the fan reactions during the Women’ tell all. We already where my vote is going. #TeamBritt

Catch the Bachelor finale March 9th on ABC

 [Photos courtesy of ABC]


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