The Bachelor: The Women literally Tell All


If there’s one thing I never thought I’d look forward to, it would have been The Bachelor, Women Tell All, which aired last night on ABC. In preparation for next week’s finale, in the Women Tell All, 17 women reunited to confront each other by bringing out the emotional tears and yelling over each other’s voices.

Here is a recap of my favourite moments and what I thought:


Britt Nilssen

Britt Vs. Carly
I’ve said this in my previous post, Britt will always be my favourite Bachelorette. Before her clip segment even ended, the tears started rolling in. Britt confronts Carly on why she ratted her out to Chris Soules, when she thought they were “friends.”  We see Britt lashing out about Carly’s betrayal and Carly’s response is “I don’t understand why we’re focused on my friendship with you.”

We all know everyone is competing for Chris’ heart. But I don’t think Britt is at fault for this. Especially if it is about someone who you thought was your friend. When dealing with over 30 girls, it’s human nature to try and make friends. No one wants to be a loner in the house. During the first few episodes, the relationship between Carly and Britt was real. They were definitely friends at one point, and to see Carly just turn on her like that, is upsetting. The most memorable part about this segment was Jillians outrage. She starts yelling at Carly, telling her she told Chris that “Jillian’s a man” and making all these rude comments, then defends Britt by calling her the “by far the sweetest, most pure-hearted person I’ve ever met in my life.”  We would have never seen an end to this outrage if Chris Harrison didn’t stop this.

I think it’s safe to say, Carly and Britt will never be friends again. My heart still believes that Britt is the most genuine person on this show. Also, one of the most asked questions on twitter, why does Britt still look beautiful when she cries?

Kelsey Vs. Everyone


Chris Harrison and Kelsey Poe

Here she goes again telling her love story.  Kelsey explains the reason why she was like that on the show, she was proud of overcoming such a difficult tragedy in her life and she felt that she was strong for wanting to find love again so soon. I actually felt a lot of sympathy for Kelsey. Through out the show I only liked her because I thought she was funny. But seeing the girls attack her like that, I felt horrible. Kelsey knows what she did wrong and apologized to everyone, including Ashley I. It takes a lot of courage to do that!

The worst part is when the girls called her out for the allegation that her dead husband didn’t really exist. This is where my respect for Britt grew once again; she says,“I will say, I don’t think it’s fake. You guys better be really sure it’s fake before you say that. That’s really mean.” Britt and Kelsey’s relationship was confusing throughout the season, I’m not sure where they stood, except Britt definitely did not love Kelsey but she knows where to draw the line.  The rest of the girls were straight out just being mean and had no right to call her out like that.

Ashley S. – Not as crazy but rather loved by all.


Chris Harrison and Ashley S.

If one thing is certain, everyone- literally EVERYONE (the other 16 girls included) loves Ashley S. All we see during her segment is smiles, laughter and cheers.

As she takes the hot seat, she brings Chris Harrison an onion as a hosting gift. We all remember Ashley picking a pomegranate from a tree mistaking it for an onion. She says, “I was so inspired by the show so I started growing onions.” She also explains the “Mesa Verde” phrase she kept muttering throughout the Zombie paintball group date, and she says it reminded her of a trip she went with her family and the landscape reminded her of that. So she’s not really all that crazy after all.

What won America’s heart over was when Harrison asked her who the real Ashley S. was.  Her response was “I like to ride bikes and, um, I mean this is me,” she says. “I think with the cameras around it’s really hard for me to not be silly. So while all of them were getting upset and crying I was outside picking pomegranates, you know.” Can someone get this girl her own reality show?

Harrison ends this segment by inviting her to be on Bachelor in Paradise. The audience showed their love towards her by chanting “Do it, do it” and her response was “It’s so weird.”  “What is?” Harrison asks. “Just that we’re on TV,” She replies.  If that didn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will. Bless Ashley S. for creating a comic relief to this dramatic episode.

Chris VS. Britt, Jade, and Kaitlyn

Britt, still loves Chris. There is no denying this fact. Britt again, cries beautifully and tells Chris she understood why he made that decision based on the information given by Carly. He assures her it wasn’t because of her, it was all about their relationship and journey together. (Guess he didn’t see what we all saw). She just wanted to tell Chris, whoever he chooses is super lucky


Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn, still never got a real answer. Chris even says he has no real explanation. But c’mon, there were three girls left. Clearly, he just had a stronger connection with the other two. He apologizes in the most sincere way possible. He is just adorable.


Jade and Chris Soules

Jade, attacks Chris like we’ve never seen her do before. Question after question, this poor girl. He had to reassure her yet again that it wasn’t because of the photos she showed him.

In the end, we got to see some hilarious bloopers and it’s sad to say next week is the three hour finale where Chris Soules will choose a wife. Or will he? The promo shows Chris saying he might not choose anyone because he is torn. (Doubtful)

Catch the finale Monday at 8 p.m. on OMNI 2 and ABC.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel live recap of Ashley S. from last night’s episode below!

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