The Restaurants Canada show 2015

IMG_5236The most anticipated event to date is without a doubt the Restaurants Canada Show. If you’re unfamiliar with Restaurants Canada, it is a national association representing Canada’s dynamic and diverse restaurants and the food service industry. The Restaurants Canada show is an annual event that brings together thousands of people in the industry where they are introduced to new products and services and of course, can sample the food! This includes trying new equipment and buy them at great deals! Unlike other food shows, this event is only open to trade and everything , I repeat everything, is free to sample.  The show also offers people the opportunity to network and are educated by the numerous seminars, stage demos and tons of special events including the Industry night out. The proceeds from this event, help fund Restaurants Canada in order to create a better business climate for the food service industry.


Island Originals

The first thing we checked out was the delicious Island Originals. You’ve probably seen these around, added with alcohol, but they taste great on their own as well. It is established in over 25 countries and have been the first choice for beverage needs including smoothies and cocktails. With over 19 delicious flavours, here is a delicious smoothie recipe you can make.

Raspberry n’ Yogurt Breakfast smoothie
2 oz. Island Originals Raspberry
3 oz. Island Originals Non-Fat Yogurt
1 tsp. Ground Flax Seeds
7 oz. ice – blend


Local Dairy

The next interesting thing we saw was Local Dairy’s cheese products. Have you ever seen strawberry cheese or Dulce le Leche Cheese? Me neither. Local Dairy is processed on-site with pasteurized milk and cream on a daily basis in order to produce the highest quality cheeses, yogurts, and butters. There are no preservatives or any additives and best part is, it tastes delicious!



Who loves ciabatta bread? I know I do. We came across Boulart, where we got to sample some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches made with Boulart’s ciabatta bread. Crisp, fine, caramelized crust, and with no preservatives or additives, we really get to taste a premium quality traditional Italian bread.



If anyone is looking for new products and services, GalliGreen definitely caught our eye. With over 300 items including gloves,  head ware, food bags, pizza boxes, biodegradable/compostable
green products to paper bags, and more. Just look at the picture above!

ChokoArt by Nadia

ChokoArt by Nadia

One of my favourites displays was ChokoArt. Chocolate isn’t just about savouring the flavour anymore, but it’s all about it looks and the way it presents itself.  Made with high quality Belgian chocolate, these chocolates bring back the art in chocolate making. If I received these as a gift, I would probably never eat them. They are just so beautiful.

IMG_5228The Hangry mascot. What a fun and interactive way to get show attendees involved. Everyone wants to take a picture with a hungry lion roaming around. Hangry is an interactive app where you can order and pay in advance. Hooray to no more waiting in line!

Michelle and Vikram Vij

Michelle and Vikram Vij

And the event wasn’t complete without running into Dragon’s Den very own Vikram Vij! He tells us he enjoyed his experience in the den this past season, but his true passion still lies within the food/restaurant industry.

Other notable places to check out:
Make My Day
Cards in Motion  –
What a


Cards in Motion interactive Food Menu


Food Demonstration

To learn more about Restaurants Canada, please visit the official website at


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