2015 Canadian Film Festival: ‘The Cocksure Lads’ Review

The Cocksure Lads

The Cocksure Lads

The Cocksure Lads is a musical comedy about four British blokes in a band with the ongoing joke that they’re about to become rich and famous in America!…..even though they’re in Canada. While enjoying their almost success, they break out into a fight over royalties because Dusty (Lyndon Ogbourne), arrogantly believes he should get more than the others.

The guys split up and venture out into the city of Toronto. On the comedic forefront you have Blakey (Edward Hillier) and Derek(Luke Marty), respectively, who meet girls, somewhat polite Canadian rivals and deal with Blakey’s obsession with cleanliness. Dusty goes onto struggle with staying true to your roots on the cusp of success while Reg(Adam McNab), the level headed one, aims at keeping the band afloat while exchanging funny scenes with a fellow brit who’s obsessed with Coldplay.

Overall the movie does a good job at poking fun of itself and fame without it being cheesy at all. The Cocksure Lads is written and directed by Murray Forester.

Catch The Cocksure Lads at the opening night of the Canadian Film Festival March 25th at The Royal Theatre, 608 College St; 6:45pm.

Tickets can be purchased here!

Watch the trailer for The Cocksure Lads below!


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