2015 Canadian Film Festival: ‘This is Not What You had Planned ’ Review

This is Not what You had Planned

This is Not what You had Planned

Do the stars eventually align when it comes to love?  This is Not What You Had Planned tells a story of fate, love and being at the right place with the wrong person. Directed by Christopher Warre Smets, this short film follows two scenarios and as they unfold, they begin to intertwine with one another, revealing hidden truths as they emerge.

While waiting for his movie to start, Hank (Kristian Bruun) works up the courage to speak to the girl behind him (Elizabeth Whitmere). After a short tense dialogue between the characters, the film switches to an upscale apartment, where Jack (Jefferson Brown) invites Sarah (Natalie Lisinska) his ‘side’ girl for wine.  The film goes back and fourth between these two couples.

Hank, whose date stood him up, continues to speak with the girl behind him. She shows no interest in him at all, and she believes that he just wants in ‘her pants.’  This is where Hank comes to the realization that it’s not him that is the problem, but her.

Back in the upscale apartment, a make out session with Jack leaves Sarah realizing she should not have ditch the date that she was suppose to go on that night.

As Sarah leaves to go to the movie to apologize to her date, the girl Hank was speaking with returns to the upscale apartment to her unfaithful lover.

The film actually left me wanting more. I wanted to know if Sarah and Hank’s love would flourish?

Or if Sarah would return to Jack’s apartment, where Jack would continue to be unfaithful?   The film leaves you with an ending that has endless possibilities.

This is Not What You had Planned will be playing at The Royal Theatre March 28 at 3:45 p.m. 

Tickets can be purchased here!


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