World MasterCard Fashion Week presents ‘Kania’


Owner/Designer of Kania, Stacey Bafi-Yeboa, states on her website “Imagine your life where you never have to suffer for fashion, you can always feel as good as you look and at any point you want to break out in dance… you can!” Her debut runway presentation at World Mastercard Fashion Week channels exactly that.

Once the lights dimmed the show begins with a monologue that details her creative influences are the memories of dancing on broadway and being in New York. The first model comes out performing a ballet dance-walk down the runway to the remix version of Wicked Games by Chris Isaak. Most of her outfits are filled with bright or neutral colours and black bottoms that are fitted perfectly to the model. The tops are longer in length and her necklines are loose in an updated cowl neck style, draping downwards for that comfort and sophisticated look. She had three dancers perform in this show along with the other models making the show easy to get into.

You can find her designs in Toronto at Shopgirls, 1342 Queen St.W, or at Any Direct Flight, 1382 Queen St.W. The flagship store is the Kania boutique located on 145 York St. in Ottawa.


 [Photography by George Pimentel]

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