#CanFitPro presents Personal Training & Nutrition Summit

Mark Occhipinti

Mark Occhipinti

The CanFitPro Summit gathers all the professionals and striving personal trainers together for a one day  summit featuring two experts, three sessions, and boot camp intensive. This year the summit took place March 28, 2015 at the Metro Convention Centre. The two experts were SGT Kent (Interntational speaker and six-time U.S. Army Solider of the year)  who delivered an informative presentation on how to take control of compulsive and emotional eating and nutrition basics along with fundamental understanding of human performance relationship with food and health.

The other key expert was Mark Occhipinti (President of American Fitness Professionals & Associates) delivered a presentation on how to feel good. It allowed people to see a new perspective in their life and health.

Other key features included a CPR Level A course, featured exhibitors, and a Boot Camp Certification course with SGT Ken. 

This was only a small part of the great benefits of being a CanFitPro member. Members receieve discounts & benefits on numerous providers, access to education and certification events such as the  World Fitness Expo taking place in Toronto, Aug 12-16, 2015. We can’t wait to attend this show once again! Read our previous post on the 2014 Consumer Fitness + Wellness show here.

To learn more about the event, please visit canfitpro.com/toronto. 


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