#INTERVIEW ‘Decadence’ Presents NERVO

From L to R: Liv Nervo, and Mim Nervo

From L to R: Liv Nervo, and Mim Nervo

One of the greatest DUO in EDM history, NERVO, returned to Toronto for the annual Decadence at the Direct Energy Centre. Mim & Liv Nervo, were born in Australia,  and prior to their career they started out with modelling and songwriting. The duo went on to write for Kesha, Ashley Tisdale, the Pussycat Dolls, and more.  Now with over a dozen of number one singles, chart topping hits, and performances on the main stage at almost every large music festival, Liv & Mim are becoming the Queens of Electric Dance Music. We caught up with the lovely duo before they hit the stage.

1. The two of you are always together. What is the one thing you like and dislike about each other?
Oh I love a lot about Liv, I mean what do I hate about you?
Liv: Do you want to know, I love the same thing I hate about you. I love your tenacity but then sometimes I hate your tenacity. We’re workaholics.

2. There are so many men DJs, and with feminist being such a big thing now, do you think female DJs will ever overpower men DJs?
I mean that’s a really good question, if they’re going to over power.. I think there’s enough room for us to stand side by side. Perfectly in harmony together.

Liv: Let’s face it, I love to watch a guy DJ.There’s nothing sexier than a guy that makes great music and plays great music so I don’t think we need to overtake. But I think it’s great there’s so many girls coming up in space, and so many amazing female producers that are just springing out of everywhere it seems.

3. So do you guys have any lucky charms or pre-rituals?
Okay so I wear this ring my mum gave me many many years ago, and it’s the only thing I haven’t taken off in about seven or eight years.

Mim: I have a ring that my aunty gave me. My mum said I need to get you one as well because I know Liv’s been wearing it. Also because I wear no jewellery literally.  And rituals, we always talk about the beginning of our set and the end of our set.  The middle, we just kind of hand action to each what we’re going to do.

 Watch the rest of our exclusive interview plus a fun game we played with NERVO below!


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