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Martin Broda (Lead Vocals/ Guitar), Daniel Ennis (Guitar/ Vocals), Michael D. Ferreira (Bass/Vocals) and Michael Farnia (Drums) are no strangers to the Toronto music scene. However, only a few months prior to Canadian Music Week (CMW) they decided to finally come together to form what is now Curses. On the third day of CMW, I had the opportunity to chat with this newly formed group about the beginnings of the band.

Stephanie (S): Why did you guys choose the name Curses?
Michael Farnia (MF): I think we chose Curses cause all of us came from a place where we were looking to get out of music and we all came to realization that we are cursed to do this forever. We can’t escape.

S: I’m curious, how did this formation come together?
Martin Broda (MB): We all know each other from playing in separate bands, we did the odd show together and what not. I went on tour with Mike for the Hollywood Undead Tour with Abandon All Ships and we kind of connected on a personal level. I thought he was a great guy and told him that I might be starting a new project in a few months, or a year or so. I kind of just drop the ball on that.

MF: You kind of just said something along the lines of “hey if I ever just want to do something would you be down?” and I was like “yeah sure”

MB: Yeah I was kind of like the initial person who got this all-together. It wasn’t until a couple months prior to this day that I sent Mike a text and was like “hey what are the chances you would want to start a rock / indie / pop project?” and he was just like “Hell yeah”. It kind of just escaladed from there. We got Dan from Days Like Today and we got Michael from We Are The Wild Things/ Royals. We are fairly new so we are kinda still developing of sound, but it’s coming together.

S: So as you guys mentioned you have all been playing music for a while now in different bands, so what do you think you will do / want to do differently this time around?

MB: Well we have all been in heavier bands and well we kind of wanted to keep an element of that but not really be to forward with it. Like we are kind of aggressive in a sense with our writing and when we play live but we just wanted to keep a small element of that and take the whole indie rock path.

MF: In terms of being in a band, our main goal is to make sure it’s fun, because if it’s not fun we will all be miserable and kill each other.

Daniel Ennis (D): I can say the same for all of us, we are all open to different ideas we probably weren’t used to a couple of years ago and I definitely think it has been working in our favor.

Michael Ferreira (M): We all work our asses off to make sure everything gets done.

S: How do you guys create your songs? Is it one person dictating everyone or do you guys kind of do it all together?
MB: Well… it all starts off with a bottle of scotch. We collectively come together and literally it’s the most organic thing you can think of. We are having laughs and we are having a good time and you know Dan will come up with a part or what not, and then I’m the one who demos/ records it

MF: He’s the engineer… demo engineer

D: Yeah he’s going to get engineer of the year this year, garage band pro.

MB: It just kind of comes together organically. We don’t bud heads that’s the thing. We are open to everything like Dan said, we take ideas into consideration and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. At least we can say we tried it.

S: I just heard the new single “Back to Your Love” you guys released and I want to say that I didn’t know what to expect but, I actually really like it. So why release this song instead of maybe another song you might have recorded or have been working on?
MB: This song definitely had a heavier element and I thought that with me coming from Abandon it would be kind of a good tie into this project. If we came out of the gates with something a little softer it wouldn’t have translated well with the fans we kind of already have. As far as the lyrics go, um just personal stuff I pretty much wrote them. It just about going in and out of relationships, pretty sure everyone can relate

S: With so many bands doing 10th anniversary shows, it almost seems like a trend going on right now however, where do you see your self in 10 years?
Dan: (laughs) probably sitting in this basement drinking a bottle of scotch

M: It might be more than one bottle of scotch

MF: Hopefully we can afford more scotch

Dan: Hopefully we can find nicer scotch

MF: In 10 years it’s really hard to say but hopefully doing this.

S: How does Curses go The XTRA Mile?
D: We work our asses off every day and we will put on a kick ass show because of it!

Band: Yep well said.

S: What can fans except from you in the coming months and/or year?
MB: We will be releasing a 5-6 song EP in the next month or to and definitely a couple of music videos. From there we will see if we get any tour offers.

Check out their newly released single for “Back to Your Love” below!


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