Fashion Art Toronto takes over Daniels Spectrum

Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) as is commonly known took over Daniels Spectrum last week in Toronto. The city was filled with individuals from all over in unique outfits that made many stare in awe. Some of the most inventive up and coming designers all joined together in one room, truly inspiring. Women in exotic dresses and head wear, all the way to males wearing skirts and stilettos of their own. More and more of the latest fashion trends come to the forefront bringing, some of the most artistic designs I’ve ever seen on any runway.



This Kitchener native, Sandra Al-Dabbagh’s collection was as strong as the shoulder rubber dress that was designed for any party with a twist to it.

Venita Salian

Venita Salian

Another inspirational collection by way of the 30’s which commandeered the runway by storm; showing off military style coats and a walk to remember.

L’Uomo Strano

L'Uomo Strano

Multi-fascinating colors as well as neutral tones that was easy on the eyes.

Kaela Kay

KaelaKay 2

Kaela Kay brought much need class back to FAT. An event that’s regularly with unusual outfits and trends got much need inspiration that artist and fashion moguls alike, would agree on.

[Review by Viral Gor and photography by FAT]

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