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Salvatore Costa creates. He creates music, as a pastime he creates food and now he has created a band. Smashing Satellites is a new band, having just released their first album, Sonic Aluzion, this past September 2014. The band has been welcomed with relative success with already about 35k followers on Facebook. The album is best described as being a rollercoaster ride of lyrical emotions that transcends genres with a mix of 80’s funk, electronica, punk rock and electro. Smashing Satellites is comprised of Salvatore Costa, Devon Lougheed, Mick Valentyne, and Mykey Thomas.

Here we get chat with Salvatore Costa about his inspiration and thoughts on the future.

*The interview has been edited.

You wrote all the songs for the debut album. Where did you draw your inspiration from?
If you listen to the album it sways back and forth from being kinda dark and negative to more positive songs. When I started writing the album I was going through a depressive time after I left My Darkest Days and was going through a lot of shit. Once I decided to move out to L.A the healing process started and I became happier, so that’s where the more lyrically positive material comes from.

You were the lead guitarist for My Darkest Days before becoming the singer/songwriter/guitarist here. What was the transition like?
Although I was the lead guitarist for My Darkest Days, I still did a lot of their front man work in terms of interviews and representing them in the media. So the transition was easy on that front. The hardest part would be to staying healthy and ready to perform on stage live for each show. It was ok and not feeling up to par as a guitarist; if I’m sick my voice isn’t the greatest and I want to do the best job for my fans.

There’s a theme of creating in your life. Do you see yourself branching out into other projects that aren’t music?
I really love to cook. If I were to branch out to something different I see myself opening up a restaurant.

In the band’s bio you talk about the meaning behind Smashing and how you would like to see “people standing on the edge of the world, standing on each others shoulders, tearing down the machines…smashing satellites.” What’s your biggest pet peeve about people and technology?
I don’t really have a huge problem with technology. With out it we wouldn’t have made all the medical advances we have today to cure diseases and to make people live longer now a days. My only pet peeve with technology is that it tends to makes us more antisocial than we were before. People are definitely staring at their screens too long instead of just living life.

How would your ideal future of humanity be like?
The 70’s was an era where there was a perfect balance of society and technology. Kids were playing on the streets, no one was carrying cellphones around, yet you can get a hold of people when you needed to. So ideally we could go back in time a bit where everything was balanced.

Watch Smashing Satellites video for “Waterfall” below!


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