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Pluto is a 20-year-old Torontonian who is full of passion and putting his life experiences into his music. With a soulful R&B sound, he is very captivating to see perform live. The Xtra Mile was able to see him perform during Canadian Music Week, at The Opera House. The showcase featured Pluto as well as Cash Out.

Pluto is a great performer because he is so interactive with the crowd, making his fans feel special and  sings directly into their eyes. This is a very important quality to have as a musician, especially when your lyrics have so much meaning. It is great to see Pluto make a connection with the audience, while he is singing lyrics that others can relate to, such as heart break. He interacts so much so with his crowd that he pulled up a lucky lady on stage with him and sang to her one of his slower songs titled “Heart Speak.”

Overall the set was high energy and full of musicality from both Pluto and his band. Before the show started, we had a chance to sit down with Pluto to talk about his personal experiences and thoughts on love. Take a look at the full interview below.

How did you come up with the stage name Pluto?
I was sitting down with my dog at my house watching 1950s Mickey Mouse films and I looked at my dog… cause I talk to my dog and I said “you can be Pluto and I’ll be Mickey,” cause Pluto’s the dog right? But then I thought nah I’ll be Pluto, and the name just kind of stuck.

Your album artwork and music videos are very artistic and graphic. What does it meant to you?
Yeah everything is real life. It’s happened. Feelings inspire it, like sometimes when you go through a break up you’re angry and that’s what I’ve expressed, or sad. Everything is just personal experiences’, expressed.

You recently released three new songs, how do these songs differ from the Jessica EP?
Just giving people like the up tempo side to me. The fun, crazy side. It’s different, it’s not as emotional, and it’s more up-tempo, just something nice to listen to.

Would you say you were in a different state of mind when writing these new songs?
Yeah, because I’m no longer heart broken from these things, I can just go back to moments if I need to, so yeah now everything is just for the fans.

If you don’t mind me asking, has Jessica ever reached out and expressed her thoughts to you on the album and songs about her?
Yeah, at first she didn’t like it but then after I talked to her and allowed her to understand where I was coming from…It wasn’t meant to like poison her name or anything; just to let her and the world know how I felt. But even though she didn’t like it at first, she [later] started respecting the artistry behind it and now she’s cool with it.

Would you say writing your music is therapeutic when getting through rough times in your life?Yeah definitely, it’s like a diary to me. But I don’t have an actual diary, but I have music. So yes, it’s very very very therapeutic.

In your new song “Cocaine” you describe yourself to have a ‘cocaine heart,’ Can you tell me what that means?
That song was literally… just me writing about how I wish a chick needed me like a cocaine addiction, but unfortunately there is no women in my life who want me like that… but maybe in time.

Do you believe in the saying “First love never dies,” if so why?
Exactly, yeah, because the first person you ever fall in love with sets the bar for what love is to you. You never feel that kind of love until you feel your first. Whenever I think of love I go back to that time when I first experienced it and knew how it really felt. So yeah, first love never dies.

What can we expect from your show tonight?
It’s gonna be FIRE, fire, flame and sparks. There isn’t actually going to be any fire but it’s gonna be fun, and for the fans. It will be back and forth between me and the fans. High energy, and the band is crazy, we’re gonna go out and do our thing like always.

We are from The Xtra Mile, how do you as an artist go The Xtra Mile?
I’m just weird. I made a song about cocaine, I don’t do that. I just write whatever comes to mind. Crazy in love is about going mental, and wanting to choke [a girl] because I love her. But I’ll explain that. I would never actually choke a woman, but it’s sometimes what goes on in my brain. Kind of like Tyler The Creator. I’ll just write about ever.

Check out Pluto’s video for “Heart Speak” below!


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