#CanadianMusicWeek Presents Eleven Past One


Canadian pop band, Eleven Past One takes the stage at Revival during Canadian Music Week(CMW). After not playing this festival for two years, let me tell you they sounded better than ever before! Although it is sad to see former bassist Dan Beattie leave the band, the new line up consists of Daniel Richter (vocals) Steve Patenaude (drums) Stephen Richter (guitar) Kyle Bykiv (guitar) and Bodan Mulholland (Bass).

A group of talented musicians who knows how to get the crowd jumping up and down. Playing songs such as “A Night to Remember,” and “Tonight’s the Night” a very packed venue of people were all dancing along to these fun and catchy songs.

Eleven Past One put on an amazing set this year at CMW that really showcased their different musical talents, by rotating on piano, vocals, and percussion. With a song like “There’s Nothing Wrong,” showcasing Stephen on Violin, to covering Charli XCX’s song “Boom Clap” with Kyle on drums, and “Closing Time” with Steve on guitar. The overall smooth transitions into different songs, you can really see that Eleven Past One has grown and come a long way from the last time we saw them perform at Canadian Music Week two years ago. The boys seem very confident as a band and well rounded in various instruments. A fun night, and no better way for them to finish their set, than with the crowd favourite hit “The World Is Ours.”


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