#CanadianMusicWeek Presents Ryn Weaver

Ryn Weaver

Ryn Weaver

On May 9, Canadian Music Week and Universal Music Canada team up for The Buzz Factor at Tattoo Rock Parlour, with headliner Ryn Weaver and other great acts such as K-I-D and Dear Rouge.

It’s no doubt, headliner Ryn Weaver caught the attention of everyone in the crowd with catchy lyrics like “I can’t take it, From the day I saw, My heart start breaking, No one saved me” from what is bound to be the song of the summer, “Octahate.” With large festivals lined up for the summer such as FireFly, Lollapalooza, and Osheaga, we are bound to be hearing a lot more from the talented 22 year old singer.

Opening her set with “Promises,” Weaver delivers a powerful performance which made the whole room stop and listen. Though her set was fairly short, Weaver also sang “Pierre” “Stay Low” and “The Fool.” Ending her set with “Octahate,” the whole crowd was on their feet jumping and singing along to every word.

What a great way to end Canadian Music Week.

Check out Ryn Weaver’s new video for “Octahate” below!

Ryn Weaver’s debut album “The Fool” will release June 16


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