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The Fool

After her recent tour and giving fans a preview of what is about to come, the long and anticipated wait is over. Born and raised California singer Ryn Weaver releases her debut album “The Fool” after breaking out in the music industry with her hit single “OctaHate”.  With support from producer Benny Blanco, Michael Angelakos, Charli XCX and Cashmere Cat, one listen to the album and it’s bound to get you hooked.

Opening the album with a track called “Runaway”, which is a bit of an darker song that establishes her as an avante-garde princess. Not particularly my favourite track, because the beat of this song is very different from other tracks on the album. Catchy, but doesn’t capture Weaver’s true vocals.

With other tracks like “Pierre” which debuted on VEVO Lift, this up beat track really empowers Weavers powerful vocals. The live version of this track shocked many fans with Weavers powerful vocals through some the high notes.

Stay Low” and “Sail On” have a bit of a slower tempo, which allow listeners to really take in the synths and pristine vocals. Lyrics like “Sail on, till you’re gone. And then some with all your broken pieces” really show the break up aspect of this album with a dreamy sound.

My favourite track “The Fool” demonstrates the soft side of Weaver and how love empowers everything. This song has a very catchy beat and a beautiful glimmering synth pop worm that is enhanced when watching the music video with the track.

Another track I fell in love with during her recent tour was “Promises” which delivers every possible side of Weaver. A relatable track with strong vocal calls, catchy drum beats and glimmering synths.

A track that really surprised me and had the whole world talking,  “Travelling Song”.  A tribute Weaver performed at Coachella for her grandfather who passed away.  The song that caused some attendees to cry, and even Weaver’s voice crack during the tribute’s closing verse “So, farewell to my friend. He who taught me to love like a beast and to feast like the queen that he fed turtle soup. Little boy from Paris to the states, check the facts. That was Magical Max.” A track that is bound to give you chills.

Love or hate the album, but there is no denying Weaver’s powerful vocals and empowering lyrics will be a hit. 8/10.

Stay Low
Sail On
The Fool
Travelling Song
Here is Home
New Constellations

Watch Ryn Weaver’s video for “The Fool” below!

Universal Music Canada/Interscope Records releases The Fool on June 16, 2015



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