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Jill Krasnicki, better known as ANIMALIA is a dark electro artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her debut album, Mouth Full of Teeth, was released last year June 2014 and has charted at number three on the national college electronic charts. Animalia’s music is dark, but full of passion and brings out the best of a strong female vocalist. Prior to her performance during NXNE at The Painted Lady on June 20, 2015, The Xtra Mile sat with Animalia, and chatted about music and what’s about to come.

You’re originally from Australia, you’re living in Toronto now. What made you come here?
Well I was travelling around, I went to Ireland first, I was playing in a band. We stayed there and did some touring and when we were out there, Toronto was just kind of the next option, just for the convenience. We travelled here and the band fell apart and that’s when I started working as a solo artist.

Where does the name “Animalia” originate from?
Animalia is the kingdom, the scientific name for all animals. I think there’s often a crazy separation¬†between humans and other animals. I use it as a reminder that we’re all sort of the same thing.

What’s your favourite animal?
That’s a tough one. I really like Mice, they’re so cute.

You play CMW every year, and now you’re here playing NXNE. How do you feel?
I’m excited, the festival is a big one. It’s fun to get out and see acts. It’s really cool.

Our readers love new and up coming artists. Why should people listen to you?
I think there’s a place for strong female vocals that isn’t really seen to often right now. People like strong female vocals, and I think that’s why people should listen to me.

Your video “Stifling” it’s very dark and your music in general has a very dark electro sound. Do you think your sound will change in the future?
That’s definitely what’s coming out of me now. I can’t really change what’s come out of me , it’s a very natural process. I think people are often surprised by my music because I’m fairly happy in day-to-day life, but I think that’s where I get to express my darker side of my personality.

What was the inspiration for the music video “Stifling”?
I was working closely with Brandon Cronenberg and he directed the video. We were sort of looking at the song and what would really embody that feeling, and it was very distorted, uncomfortable vibe to the song. So we tried to figure out a way that would do that visually, and we sort of came with the face distorting idea.

When’s your second album coming out?
It’s definitely coming out soon. It’s ready to roll and just lining things up. So hopefully by the end of this year.

You also posted on Facebook, that you have two new videos coming out? 
Yup. I’ll be working with Brandon Cronenberg again for another video. It’s very exciiting, I think we’re going to come up with some pretty werid shit.

We’re all about The Xtra Mile, how do you go The Xtra Mile?
I work my ass off is how I go The Xtra Mile. I’m committed to what I do.

Any last words for your fans?
I mean people should just keep an eye out, things are going to start evolving towards the end of the year.

Watch Animalia’s video for “Stifling” below!


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