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Toronto native Joanne Judith-Mary Hill, better known as Sydney Blu can do it all. From being a Canadian DJ, producer, and a recorder label owner for Blu Music, Blu has played at major venues and dance music festivals all over the world.

After two years of working on her first artist album “Relentless”, the album is set to release on July 27. The album will contain sounds of techno and house music, dreamy vocals, and even an intro featuring deep house vocalist Cari Golden. Blu has already released a few singles such as “Teardrop” and “Need I say More” and both hits have been topping the EDM buzz charts.

On June 24, Sydney Blu played her whole set at the Thompson Rooftop & lounge for a special album preview. Prior to her set, we chatted with her to talk about her new album and what’s next!


Nice to meet you! How have you been today?
Thank you. I’m really good, it’s been really fun. The weather is so beautiful. It’s one of the best days ever for this, can’t complain at all.

Our readers are always looking for new music. Why should they check you out?
Well I’m awesome, no I’m just joking. I mean I guess my music is like a combination of all these different sounds. House music, tech house, techno. I come from Toronto underground, I been DJing for 15 years and I’m very inspired by house music which a very big thing in Toronto. I think I play it well, and I make it well. So definitely check out my new album.

With that being said, you been in the industry for 15 years. What do you think has been the major change or what are some of the changes you have seen over those 15 years?
It was very underground when I started and then all of a sudden it broke out into this commercial thing in like 2010, it got EDM big. I actually moved to the United States and I got really sucked into that and I was playing that for a couple years. Then I was like you know what, I’m not doing this anymore. I want to back to what I use to do which is house, techno and I went back to my roots. It’s cool that I been playing my roots again which is originally what I been playing from the beginning which is house and techno. My roots come from Toronto Underground and this city is probably the best when it comes to authentic music in North America and I’m really proud to from here.

You were in Toronto, then you moved to Miami and Los Angeles. How would you say those scenes differ?
Okay so Miami is very commercial there and they like techno. They do have a very good underground scene in Miami. In LA it’s a little bit different. They like their deeper stuff. They’re more into a little more mellower music. Which is fine, I learned to adapt to that too. I’ve learn to explore playing deep house as well, a little bit more over there, which is good. I’ve learned a lot about the different cultures. It’s been interesting.

So with all those DJs out there, what makes you stand out?
I think I stand out when I DJ because I have a little more of presence, a lot of DJs maybe just looking at third stuff… I just like to relate to the crowd. I try to connect to everybody when I play. As well as I try to make my music stand out. I try to make my music be original and authentic. I think that’s the most important thing, is just to be yourself. Be original. Don’t try to be like other people.

You’re putting out your album today at your release party tonight. What was the process like coming up with this album?
I wrote it for two years. I went through a lot of music and I threw out a lot of songs and I finally came to the ones I’m most proud of and I put them on the album. I stopped time and said these are the ones I like the best. It’s 13 songs, and these ones on the album are the ones I’m showcasing and I’m going to play them all tonight.

Which songs do you like the most?
“Need I say More” is one of my favourite songs. it came out and probably did the best. It was top 15 I think it went to on Beatport. it did really well and I was able to collaborate with one of my favourite producers D.Ramirez’s on it.

How do you go The Xtra Mile?
I go The Xtra Mile for music and working on my brand. I go The Xtra Mile because I do a whole bunch of things that don’t just have to do with going out and playing music. I have a record label, I have a radio show, and I throw an event series. I try to develop a brand to show that I can do a bunch of things.

With so many things going on , how do you manage time?
I got better at it over the years. At first I was a bit of a disaster organizing myself but I been pretty good at it. I wake up every morning and I have a schedule. I don’t usually ever stop working until I go to bed.

Is there anything you prefer doing more than the other?
I like DJing the best out of everything. And I like writing music.

Is there anything our readers should know about you ?
Well you know about my album, please buy that when you get a chance. It’s actually out July 27, I’ll be on tour coming to cities all across North America for the next two months for my album tour. So definitely come see me.

Listen to a preview of Sydney Blu’s Relentless below!

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Grab Sydney Blu’s album “Relentless” out everywhere July 27! 


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