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Canaan Smith is at front a great country singer and song writer, but what really draws his fans in, is his ability to convey the emotions of life into his music, with such passion both lyrically and while performing live. Smith is a Nashville born storyteller, and with this talent of storytelling he could truly excel in any genre, but he has gone to succeed greatly in country music.

This year at Boots & Hearts music festival in Oro-Medonte, Ontario, we had the chance to sit down and talk to him about what inspires him to write in the style that he does, as well as much more. Read the full interview below!

How have you been enjoying Boots & Hearts?
I just got here! I mean I played the first Boots & Hearts, I think it was maybe three or four years ago and I knew it was gonna be a festival that was gonna be around for a long time and I hear it’s grown exponentially and I’m excited to get out there and get to know the fans a little bit more.

How do you find Canada? Do you see a difference in the audience ?
Everybody’s real fired up, you can tell everyone is really excited to be here and they kind of wear it on there sleeves, and I just love that. I love when crowds are not afraid to just jump all in. So I do notice that everywhere I play in Canada the over all excited for the music is high. So I appreciate that… I like playing in Canada, but it’s cold as balls!

And you’re currently on tour, how has that been?
I’m currently on a national tour with Dierks Bentley It’s called ‘The Sounds of Summer Tour’ and it’s been a blast! We all work hard, play hard, and I just love that mentality, it’s been a blast.

Seeing as you travel and play in various parts of the world, do you have a favourite place to play?
The Boots & Hearts festival, in [Oro-Medonte] Ontario! (Laughs)

There is a lot of different sub-genres within country, how would you describe your sound, and for someone who has never heard your music, why should they check it out?
I think people can relate to my songs; I tell stories about things I’ve been through and there’s mostly stories that other people have likely gone through, so I like that about it, and I just think its progressive in its sound. Its got its own thing, I grew up listening to all kind of music, but at the core of who I am, I’m just a story teller and I like conjuring up feelings that we all have experienced as humans; good, bad, ups, downs. This project “Bronco’” is something I feel that anyone can relate to.

From “Bronco”, can you tell us what we can expect in regards to a new single coming out?
‘Hole in a Bottle,’ comes out in a week tomorrow, I’m excited about that. My fans are hard working, they put in hard work at their day jobs but by the time the weekend roles around they’re just ready to throw down and “Hole in a Bottle” is sort of an anthem for that throw down.

Would you say personal experiences have more of an influence in your writing process, or do other artists inspire you as well?
I think it’s a little bit everything, but it’s mostly life and the way I experience it and the world as I see it…things I’ve been through, or things I’ve seen my friends go through or other family. And again it’s not all bad, because we celebrate things in life and we mourn at times too. So I just try to be real with my music, and write just as it comes.

We are so excited to see you hit the stage later today, what can fans expect to see? What do you bring to your performances?
It’s tons of high energy you know from start to finish, I try to keep the crowd involved. I’m a very passionate performer, so you might see some blood, some sweat…who knows. At one point I do a cover song and I bring out this big drum and I beat the hell out of it, maybe you’ll see broken stick, just over all very high energy

We are from The Xtra Mile media outlet, and we go The Xtra Mile by covering various music and pop culture events, how do you as an artist go The Xtra Mile?
I never stop. I don’t eat, I don’t sleep half the times. It’s all about making ends meat right now and making dreams come true and achieving my goals, so even when my body says stop I never stop, you know I make sure I’m exhausting every opportunity I can to achieve my goals.

Any last words, what can we expect to see from you in the near future?
I got a big exciting tour I’m announcing this fall, but I can’t tell you details yet… cause I’m not allowed haha. But my next single comes out in a week it’s called “Hole in a Bottle“, you should pick up “Bronco” and come see me because I’m on tour all summer

Check out Canaan Smith’s single for “Love you Like That” below!



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