Tuesday, September 15, 2015 ACTRA partnered with Hangloose Media for their exciting and exclusive Film Studio District Party, for TIFF at 28 Logan Ave. The party is considered one of TIFF’s biggest bashes.  

Cater Trendz was there to cater the party with delectable delights displayed on unfurnished/naked like wooden tables in true hipster fashion. The room was sheekly lit and had sort of a western/Magnificent 7 theme to it with music provided by a string quartet playing film soundtracks in the background.  

The room was filled with well dressed, good looking up and coming film industry types, most of whom I didn’t recognize because I don’t watch tv, just Game of Thrones. But, I did recognize two faces: Adam Garnet Jones, the first Indigenous two-spirited filmmaker to direct a film focused on two-spirited people to premier at TIFF, and well known Indigenous actress Tantoo Cardinal.

Overall it was a great night with Untamed Chef food truck available to providing yummy eats for after the party.


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