Rachel Platten is really feeling like Wildfire after the release of her major label debut WILDFIRE on January 1. Most of us are familiar with her powerful debut track “Fight Song” which generated over 100 million views on YouTube and went to No.6 on Billboard Hot 100.  The uplifting song, catchy , self-empowerment tune is only the beginning for the talented singer. WILDFIRE experiments with all different music sides in Platten’s voice, but still remains to be an uplifting album with lyrics that people can relate too.

Platten’s next track “Stand By You” another catchy, simple and moving track with lyrics such as “And hurt, I know you’re hurting, but so am I/ And love, if your wings are broken/Borrow mine ’til yours can open too/Cause I’m gonna stand by you.”  A powerful message telling a loved one who needs help and comfort that you’ll always be there for them, and they’re never alone.

Other tracks that deliver a more of a stripped down beat are “Speechless” and “Better Place”. These are the tracks that are bound to leave the listeners smiling.

Platten also delivers a surprise with Andy Grammer who is featured in “Hey Hey Hallelujah” which is a more of an up beat track. Similar to the track “Lone Ranger”, which has sort of a dance feel. You then get songs such as “You Don’t Know my Heart”  which sounds like a track from the 90s. An upbeat, song that could be played in a club.

The final track on the album “Superman” is the perfect ballad to end the track list. The beauty and simplicity of this song truly delivers the bright-uplifting sound that is bound to put Platten on the right track in the future.

WILDFIRE Tracklist:
1. Stand By You
2. Hey Hey Hallelujah (feat. Andy Grammer)
3. Speechless
4. Beating Me Up
5. Fight Song
6. Better Place
7. Lone Ranger
8. You Don’t Know My Heart
9. Angels In Chelsea
10. Astronauts
11. Congratulations
12. Superman

Rachel Platten will be playing at The Opera House March 16. Sony Music Canada releases the album, in stores everywhere. 


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