Jillian Harris launches Excel naturally sweetened gum at the Interior Design Show

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“It’s all about simplifying.” Jillian Harris (Love it or List it Vancouver,Bachelorette), tells us at the media preview of the Interior Design Show . Harris and Excel teams up in order to launch Excel’s Naturally Sweetened Gum, a product made with fewer ingredients and without any artificial colours or sweeteners.   The partnership is designed to inspire Canadians to make simple choices in life. Harris hosted a special one hour session inside the Excel Naturally Sweetened Lounge  about fashion, decor, food and all the better choices in life she has recently been making.

Harris starts off telling us about what she is currently doing with design. Harris has been looking for a piece of property to build on with Love it or List it and her design team.  “I’m hoping to see, the whole movement of getting off your phone and going back to basics. Going back to basics and trying to remove all those artificial parts of your life, whether it’d be ingredients, people, or actions. I’m excited for 2016 and the future of design, ” Harris explains that 2016 is all about being simple and mentions she’s excited because it is going to be different for her.

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Harris then talks about her fashion line and how she is currently loving the fooler sweaters, “It gives you the illusion that you’ve taken time to layer your outfit. I just put a sweater on and it’s fine. Sometimes they have it with plaid. I don’t normally actually layer” says Harris. She also mentions she loves natural colours and how fooler sweaters look good with a pair of leather leggings, ripped jeans with either heels or boots. The very simple, but elegant look. Harris also showcased a piece from her clothing line JHforPriv; a blue denim dress displayed by the Excel staff.

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Harris leads into talking about how fashion inspires social media. She mentions that when she posts pictures of simple outfits, more people start to “like” her photos on Instagram. The more simple she looks, the more people start to notice. She mentions she doesn’t take too much time on her beauty routine. If it takes her more than 10 minutes, it’s not happening. Her favourite beauty product is balance mist, and she likes to finish her make up with it.

Her boyfriend Justin, and family recently gave her the nickname “ChillHarris”, “I was taking on too many things at once in December. Now in January, I been really simplifying things and I been happier and more comfortable, I love my projects better and I been collaborating and creating partnerships that are right on brand for me.”  Says Harris.

Harris then had a special Q & A session with the media, and spent the afternoon mingling with fans. Check out our special shoutout from Harris below!

Keep it simple and chew naturally sweetened gum

Check out Jillian Harris’ website here! 

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