#Review: Star Men


After more than 50 years of friendship, four British professors reunite for the road trip of a lifetime. If it sounds like the premise to what could be a corny drama movie, it’s most definitely not. It’s instead the main premise to Star Men, the fantastic documentary by filmmaker Alison Rose.

The film details the beginnings of Roger Griffin, Donald Lynden-Bell, Nick Woolf and Wallace L. Sargent, who after graduating from school in the UK decided to head to California to work with the US space program and over the years become a part of major scientific discoveries.

The film is both an educational film but also a spiritual one, as not only does it point out the brilliant discoveries the men have made but also tracks their life journey and the friendships they share. As the men plan to road trip to the Rainbow Bridge in Utah, they have many talks along the way about the meaning of life and our place in the universe. The men explore heavy topics such as the inevitability of death and it’s purpose and Rose manages to capture so many emotions they share with each other. They fight, laugh, and relive the best memories of their incredible lives.

This film is definitely recommended for any sci-fi lovers but the movie transcends so much more than just scientific topics. The film beautifully shows what can happen when you set your mind to any goal you want to achieve.

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[Review by Jennifer King]

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