ALBUM REVIEW : The Chainsmokers – Bouquet


Bouquet EP

It’s been two years since The Chainsmokers first released their hit single “Selfie” and “Kanye”.  Last week the boys of The Chainsmokers, Alex and Drew Taggart released their latest EP “Bouquet” the physical copy, in stores .

Their first single off the EP “Roses featuring. Rozes” quickly went viral and became a hit sensation all around the world. The Chainsmokers have said Taylor Swift and Max Martin have been a few of the influences behind it. A very pop, raw vocal based track and unlike anything you’ve ever heard from the duo.

The duo also released a track called “New York City”, their most emotional single yet. A very different track with a slower beat, and powerful vocals singing about a love and hate relationship about being at a new place and chasing your dreams.

My favourite track is “Until You Were Gone /Tritonal ft. Emily Warren”. Another fun and catchy track with beats and drops along with Warren’s vocals that want to make you dance during the duration of the track.

The final two tracks “Waterbed” and “Good intentions” both also have interesting beats with lots of bass and a little more light hearted.

Rating 5/5

 Bouquet EP Tracklist:

  1. Roses
  2. New York City
  3. Until You Were Gone
  4. Waterbed
  5. Good Intentions

Sony Music Canada releases “Bouquet EP” on Feb 19 hard copy , in stores everywhere


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