#INTERVIEW Jessica Mitchell receives a standing ovation at the CMAO Awards

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Country-folk songstress Jessica Mitchell received a standing ovation at the CMAO on Monday night. She performed her single “Workin’ on Whiskey” which had the whole audience in awe and smiles through out the night. Mitchell is currently on the road for the summer promoting her ┬ánewly released debut album “Hold Onto the Light.” We caught up with the talented songwriter for a brief chat. Read the interview below!

With so many new country artists, What makes you different?
I don’t know, that’s a really good question. I think that I’m a little older and wiser and a little more experienced than a lot of the other girls are. That being said it’s been kind of nice to take them under my wing a little bit, and I just write from the heart. It’s very important to me to express myself through my life and through my personal experiences. That’s where it all comes from and I think that starts to show after awhile which is really cool.

What’s the first thing you notice about a performance?
I notice the music first before anything, which is funny because I’m such a lyricist but lyrics are important. I just think that creating an overall sonic thing like a sonic experience is also very important because half the time you can’t even understand what anybody is saying anyway, like Radiohead is my favourite band and you don’t understand what they’re saying half the time. It’s just about the feeling and about the feeling of music and what it does for you.

You released your debut album not to long ago correct?
Yeah in April!

What’s next for you?
I’m going to be on the road all summer. I’m still writing, and I’m going out on the road with Kiefer Sutherland at the end of June, opening up. I’m opening up his Ontario tour which is really cool, and playing a couple festivals like Cavendish, doing Manitoulin which I’m really excited about because I was there last year. CNE in August, and a whole bunch of stuff. It’s going to be a busy summer, with the band half the time, which is cool.

How do you go the Xtra Mile as an artist?
Being nice to people. I think it’s very important in this industry to be nice to everybody.

Listen to Jessica Mitchell’s single for That Record Saved My Life below!


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