#INTERVIEW Leah Daniels wins Female Artist of the Year

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Rising Canadian Country star Leah Daniels took home the Female Artist of the Year award at the CMAO Awards on Monday. She was also nominated for four other awards and has been added to the lineup for the 2016 CMT Music Fest. It was just last year we chatted with Daniels at the last year’s CMAO where she was first releasing her debut album “What it Feels Like”. Daniels will be headed to a radio tour where she will be promoting her latest hit “Your Kiss is Killing Me”. We had the opportunity to chat with Daniels once again about music and her involvement with her career.

It’s been awhile since we’ve last talked, how have you been?
Excellent, extra excellent today!

Congrats on the award, tell us how you feel?
I couldn’t feel any better to be honest, it’s just an amazing feeling. It’s always a surprise and just so grateful.

Your new single “Your Kiss is Killing Me”, the performance was amazing. I read that you mentioned it’s suppose to have a dangerous, but passionate feel to it?
Yeah well the song is all about being really into someone and knowing that maybe it’s not the best thing for you. Yes, it’s very dangerous, it’s very passionate song. I love it.

Your music video, you can totally see the passion and danger to it, did you have a lot of say in the creative process?
Yes absolutely. I worked with Tim Deegan on this one, he directed it. We’ve got a great relationship, we really collaborate on the ideas and I was very much a part of the whole process between building sets, casting people, coming up with ideas, and I love that. I love bringing a song to life visually and not just on recording.

Your debut album released “What It Feels Like” released last October. What’s next for you? 
Yes end of October. And well I just released my new single “Your Kiss is Killing Me” so I’m going on a radio tour promoting that and some more shows. I’m so excited just to get together with the band and start performing.

Which festival are you most excited for?
I’m going to have to say CMT Music Fest. It’s close to home, so a lot of my friends and family are able to come out and Eric Church is playing too,  So I’m pretty excited about that.

So last interview, we asked you how you go The Xtra Mile, and you said “Just being involved in the process” Does that still stand? Do you still feel you have still been heavily involved in everything you do?
Absolutely. I mean I’m independent and I love it. I love that I have that control and I can choose who I can work with and I get to surround myself with people that I can call my friends, that we all work together. I should learn how to delegate tasks a bit more, so I’m not doing quite so much, but I do love it.

Check out Leah Daniels single for Your Kiss Is Killing Me below!


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