#INTERVIEW Meghan Patrick chats music and her passion to perform

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You’ve probably heard her catchy hit “Bow Chicka Wow Wow (Co-written with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger)” all over Canadian country radio stations, and seen her debut album “Grace & Grit” all over the record stores. With summer festival line ups such as Boots & Hearts, CMT Music Fest, Cavendish, Bluesfest, newcomer Meghan Patrick tells us why she is the one too look out for this summer.

I recently saw that you did a Roots Campaign, how was that?
Yeah it was pretty exciting. I mean any photoshoot where you get to wear sweat pants is pretty awesome.

You’re a new and upcoming country artist. What differentiates you from everyone else?
Other than the fact I’m trying to be true to myself, there’s only one me. But I think for me, I’m really trying to bring back the traditional country stuff and I mean there’s so many talented amazing females out there but I don’t there’s too many doing what I’m doing. I’m just trying to find my own path and do my own thing, and be the best at my own thing.

You just performed “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” on stage, it’s a great catchy tune. Can you tell us the creative process behind it?
Well for this particular song,  When Chad and I wrote it, we kind of were joking about it first, like that would be funny. But then sometimes the best songs come from crazy ideas or off the cup ideas, you know I never turned down an idea to write down a song. Cause you never know what it could turn into, and it kind of turned into this really great song in a production that Chad did on it turned out awesome. And I think it was a really great introduction to my sound as an artist, it was a good process.

You recently released your album Grace & Grit. Would you say the inspiration behind it was more personal or inspired from other artists?
Very Personal. The album through and through is about my life and my experiences and about who I am. For me as a new artist, having the opportunity to do that with a major label and have them support me kind of just being myself and following my own path and following my vision is really incredible. Every song on that record except for one that I didn’t co-write, even still even though I didn’t write it, it was something that I connected too. There all just songs that are really personal to me.

So what’s next for you? I know you’re playing a whole bunch of festivals this summer as well.
Just lots of playing. I kind of been hold up in the studio, writing rooms, you know writing and recording which is a great aspect of it, which I love doing, but I’m just really looking forward to playing more and getting on some tours and getting back on stage. It’s kind of where the magic is for me.

We’re all about The Xtra Mile. How do you go The Xtra Mile?
I think it’s just important to remember that to never get comfortable. There’s always someone out there working harder than you, who’s better than you. I’m just always striving to reach another level, how can I be better singer? How can I be better a better writer?  How can I be a better guitar player? How can I up my live show? I think that’s how you create longevity in your career, is never settling and always pushing for more.

Check out Meghan Patrick’s single for Bow Chicka Wow Wow below!


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