Zella Day Plays to Intimate Crowd In Toronto


On July 12, Zella Day returned to Toronto to grace the stage at The Mod Club Concert Theater for an intimate performance with opening act Lawrence Taylor.

As Zella Day and her band made her way in stage you could tell that everyone in the audience was excited for them to begin. Chanting “Zella, Zella, Zella” the stages lights went come on the crowd cheered with excitement.

This show was a nonstop sing-along of excitement and emotion. Song after song everyone in the audience sang along to every song some of which included “High”, “1965”, as well as hit singles such as “Sweet Ophelia” and of course “Hypnotic”.
Zella’s raw and powerful voice along with her killer stage presence made her seem older than the young 21 year old she is. With that being said her band member deserve some credit too because they were just as good and without them there would be no music to back up her amazing voice. (If I’m being honest Zella’s voice live sounds just as good as it does on her album.)

Midway into the show Zella then grabbed her guitar and surprised the audience with her own rendition of “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes.

13720463_10153966288489735_1906315002_oThroughout Zella’s performance she was sure to interact with the crowd by making eye contact, holding hands or even laying on the crowd at one point. This was especially true during the 2nd last song when she went into the middle of the crowd and sang “Compass”. Before jumping off the stage and before starting the song, Zella told the whole crowd to put away their phones and to live in the moment for just this one song. While some people didn’t like the idea of it and still decided to use their phones, the majority of the audience kept their phones in their pockets, which made for a very special up close and intimate moment for Zella and fans alike.

Zella ended her set off with a bang preforming her newest single “Mustang Kids”.

Overall, I do have to say I really enjoyed the show. As Zella’s fan base continues to get bigger and her fame continues to grow being able to catch her at places like the mod club will get harder and harder. For those who caught the show and for those of you who didn’t, you definitely need to see her when she comes to Toronto the next time.

Thank you Zella Day and Live Nation Ontario

Check out Zella Day’s newest single “Mustang Kids”


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