Vans Warped Tour 2016: Darien Centre

A new summers day, in a different city, and yet one more year under the belt for the Vans Warped Tour. This time around we checked out the stop in Buffalo at Darien Lake Performing Arts Centre on July 14th, 2016.

Falling In Reverse 

First up was falling in reverse. Ever since the band formed I wanted to see them. Having been a fan of Escape the fate I was upset when Ronnie left the band but once he announced he started Falling In Reverse I was curious to see what they would be like. Many years later I finally got to see a set. Right from the very beginning Ronnie’s and the rest of the band’s energy kept the whole crowd going crazy the whole set. Falling In Reverse played a number of songs including I’m Not A Vampire, Bad Girls Club and Just Like You. The biggest surprise was when they played Situations. Overall I honestly really enjoyed their set.


We The Kings

Shortly after We The Kings began to play. We the kings have always had a special place in my heart due to the fact that they were one of the very first bands I met and saw at Warped Tour back in 2008. Every time I have seen We the Kings they just keep getting better and better. Opening up their set with “Say You Like Me” followed by “Love Again” had everyone dancing along. The set consisted of both new and old songs some of which include “Sad Song”, “She Takes Me High”, “Skyway Avenue” and “Check Yes Juliet”.

Too Close To Touch

Upon coming to warped tour I stumbled across one of their songs while watching music videos on YouTube and immediately got drawn in. While talking to Keaton (Lead Singer) and Mason (Guitarist) they went into detail about what they hope people would take away from their music so directly following our interview with Too Close To Touch I headed to the stage to catch their set. While their crowd was quite small the fans that were their seemed to be enjoying themselves. Too Close played a short but really amazing set that only consisted of six songs which were “Hell To Pay”, “The Deep End”, “Perfect World”, “What I Wish I Could Forget”, “Pretty Little Thing”, And “Nerve Endings”. After seeing them play, I would definitely love to see Too Close To Touch again in the near future.


Every time I die

When you’re at the buffalo Warped tour stop and Every time I Die is on the lineup you have to see them play their hometown. I was surprised to see that this year they kept them on the Monster Energy North stage instead of putting them on one of the main stages however that didn’t stop them or anyone watching them from going crazy. Every Time I Die is one of those bands you have to see at least once in your lifetime if your into heavier music. Their stage presence alongside their energy and great music makes for a great performance and this set was no exception.

Sum 41

After sprinting across the whole venue from the press area to the area where the main stages were, I was finally standing in front of where one of my favourite bands would be playing in only a couple of seconds. As each member walked on stage the crowd screamed louder and louder. Sum 41 opened up with “The Hell Song” which had everyone singing to the top of their lungs and moving around. Hit song after hit song I was in awe the whole set. Even though this wasn’t my first time seeing Sum 41 it had been awhile since I saw a set of theirs. This summer on the vans warped tour would be Deryck’s (Lead Singer) first time back preforming while being sober and honestly this was the best performance I ever seen them play. By the end of their set I almost lost my voice singing along to all my favourite songs “Fat Lip”, “In Too Deep”, “Walking Disaster” and their newest song “Fake My Own Death”


Set It Off

Set It Off, initially known for lead singer Cody Carson’s YouTube channel, has come to grown a huge fan base of very dedicated and loving people. Watching this set was so much fun to see how both the band and the crowd connected, and acted as if they were all friends. Cody was often singing right in the crowd or very close for audiences to sign into the mic with him. Set It Off speaks to and interacts with the crowd as if they were just hanging out with a bunch of close friends, and the fans definitely feel the love and send it right back. With songs, such as “Stuck in our Youth,” “Ancient History” and “Why Worry” it’s hard not to feel like you’ve known the band for a long time. These songs are lyrically very relatable, and with the amount of energy and passion that the band puts into performing them, and the energy the crowd puts into singing every word right back; it was such a fun experience.


Being the summer of Pokémon Go, Issues thought it was only right to make their entire Warped Tour aesthetic revolve around it. They had everything Pokémon themed; backdrop, speakers and merchandise. They even opened up their set with a cover of the Pokemon theme song. Issues is a band I have seen a number of times and honestly I never get sick of seeing them. Each and every performance brings something new whether it be a new stage set up or a new song. Issues played mostly newer songs but did play a few older ones as well some of which were “COMA”, “The Realest”, “Never Lose Your Flames” and “Mad At Myself”. Issues ended of their set with “Hooligans”



New Found Glory

Up Next was long time Warped Tour veterans New Found Glory. Thinking back to the last and first time I saw New Found Glory back in 2012 I was so excited to see them yet again. This band always seems to have so much energy no matter how hot or long their set is and this day was one HOT day. New Found Glory played about 8 songs; “Understatment”, “All Downhill from here” “Ready & Willing”, “Failure’s Not Flattering and ended their set with fan favourite “My Friends Over You”.


Since The band announced that its newest record would be it’s last and that would be their final year performing at warped tour I knew that I had to see Yellowcard no matter who else was preforming. Before the band came on stage the whole crowd was chanting “YELLOWCARD, YELLOWCARD, YELLOWCAD” and once the band came on stage they launched straight into their first song “With You Around”. Yellowcard’s set was extremely nostalgic playing songs like “Lights and Sounds”, “Way Away”, and “Ocean Avenue” had everyone singing along to every word and jumping up and down. I’m sad to say that this was my first time seeing a whole Yellowcard set seeing as I liked them for so long but I was extremely happy that I finally got the chance to see them before they broke up.


Other notable bands I saw were Secrets, State Champs, The Heirs, The Story So Far, Sleeping With Sirens, Less Than Jake and many more.

Now to wait a whole year until Warped Tour 2017!

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Big thank you to Danielle Mardhal, Kevin Lyman, Live Nation and everyone who makes Warped Tour possible

Written By Christina Puccinelli

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