#INTERVIEW Wayhome presents MØ


Denmark’s Karen Marie Ørsted better known as  is well on her way to stardom. She has slowly been capturing more and more attention with features on songs by Major Lazer , Avicii, Iggy Azalea and DJ Snake as well her own debut album No Mythologies to Follow. With her Major Lazer and DJ Snake collaboration of “Lean On” it has easily become one of the biggest hits in the world with over 1 billion views,MØ remains one of the hardest most authentic artists out there.  is currently promoting her new album which is to debut later this year featuring the single  “Final Song” and “Kamikaze”.

We caught up with the talented singer-songwriter at WayHome Festival last weekend and chatted about her new album and the process behind new hit single Cold Water Ft. Justin Bieber and Major Lazer. Watch our interview below!

MichelleM[Photography by Melissa Campo]


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