Cirque du Soleil presents Luzia


Forget what you read about the negative things you’ve read about Mexico. The premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s Mexico inspired spectacle Luzia provides us a glimpse of what a whole new world would look like. Directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, Luzia creates a dream like world filled with amazing visuals, costumes, set production, lighting, and an overall mesmerizing show that shouldn’t be missed.

Luzia opens up with a clown free falling from the air landing in an heaven like world(Almost like walking to a imaginary Mexican dream) with latin music, amazing visuals, and the crowd just taken by awe.

Every moment was an absolute pleasure to watch. But here are some of the key performances:

The trapeze artist who not only had flawless techniques, but a beautiful contemporary act that felt like something out of an old movie with a curtain of rain.


The muscular acrobat who impressively hand balanced himself atop six interlocking poles almost 30 feet in the air.

The crowd pleasing 360 swing, where a masked lucha libre completes a full 360 degrees on a gigantic swing. Truly impressive.


World’s best contortionist Aleksei Goloborodko impressed with some of the moves he had. He was more flexible than elastic. It felt like he had no bones, and he’s only 21.


One of the most impressive but risky act was the Swing to Swing troupe. Some of the leaps were death defying and some of the height the performers were swinging at, it made no sense how they were landing so perfectly. With the exception of one performer who fell off at the end (Thank god she was okay) But this wasn’t the first time someone fell. Dangerous, but a really impressive act to end the show with.

Luzia really is a magical way to experience a tour of Mexico. The show was an absolute pleasure to watch and it all ended all too soon.

We also had the chance to experience the backstage tour at the end of the show and chat with some of the cast on what it takes to put Luzia together. The casting department goes through thousands of applications from all over the world and depending on what they are looking for they call back specific performers for an audition. The production started as far as from October of last year in Montreal and from then the cast have been rehearsing non stop until the show first launched in Old Port, Montreal on April 21.

Luzia will be running from July 28 through October 16.


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